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A Master Craftsman On Your Crew Is Great. But
A Crew Of Master Craftsmen Is Even Better

Our Team Backs Each Other Up. And It Shows In
All Of Our Breathtakingly Detailed Remodels

Patrick Mahomes might be one of the best quarterbacks to have ever played for the Kansas City Chiefs.

But make no mistake about it – Patrick Mahomes wasn’t just born an elite NFL quarterback. He had to tirelessly practice to realize his high-level abilities.

And believe it or not, much of the same can be said for our Master Craftsmen who remodel with the highest level of skill in the NKBRL (National Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling League).

Okay, we made that league up.

But you’ll be hard-pressed to find any home remodeling contractor in Kansas City stacked to the brim with superstars like at Jericho Home Improvements. Other contractors might talk a big game, but when it comes time to show their abilities on the field – they fail to live up to expectations.

Unlike our Master Craftsmen, who put the words we preach into action.

We Only Hire Installers Who Bring A Minimum
Of 3-5 Years Experience To The Table

Like in football, to be an elite Master Craftsman, there needs to be a base level of talent and skill before being developed into a professional.

Many kitchen and bathroom remodelers will claim their crew possesses the natural talent to be considered the best, but they likely don’t scout at the level we do.

Like needing 3-5 years of experience before being hired.

We know that may sound like a tough barrier to overcome, but it makes all the difference, given the rigors of our training program.

The end goal is always the same – to take an experienced installer and create a Master Craftsman who does things “The Jericho Way.”

The result is someone who will come to your home and do it all.

You read that right. Every Master Craftsman in our crew can do it all. 

Each is an expert in laying tile, carpentry, plumbing, cabinetry, electrical work, and any other skill they might need to complete your project.

But that’s not to say the pressure should fall entirely on any individual’s shoulders.

Much like Patrick Mahomes needs his offensive line to be as successful as he is, our crewmembers have each other’s back.

We Have Smaller Dream Teams To Bring
The Bigger Vision To Life

There’s a very common expression thrown around in the kitchen and bath remodeling world – “a jack of all trades and a master of none.”

While this may be true for many corner-cutting remodelers flying solo with a toolbox, truck, and pack of gum, we’ve reframed this idea by flipping it on its head.

Because our installers can do it all, we divided them into specialized teams. Whether it’s refinishing, cabinetry, large projects, or small projects, our crew can cover all bases with true expertise.

This way, we “have each other’s back.” Because let’s face it – everyone runs into obstacles they can’t solve on their own at some point. But we have an entire crew of support staff, liaisons, project managers, and fellow master craftsmen, all helping each other give you the best possible results for your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Your Home. Our All-Star Treatment.

Our team of Master Craftsmen relies on collaboration and a diverse range of expertise with the best materials in the business to deliver breathtakingly detailed remodels.

They’re the driving force behind every kitchen or bathroom renovation and use their years of experience and dedication to their craft to deliver stunning results every time.

If your Kansas City home needs a bathroom or kitchen renovation and you want it handled by the best in the business with great financing options, contact us at Jericho Home Improvements for a free quote.