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Open concept kitchens have been all the rage for the past few years. They’re sleek and modern, allowing the kitchen to blend smoothly into the entertainment and living spaces of the home. But no one style works for every home, and there are potential drawbacks to open concept kitchens as well as benefits. In today’s blog, let’s break down some pros and cons of an open concept kitchen so you can decide what works best for your home.

Pro: Ease of Entertainment

You invite some friends over to make dinner and watch your favorite TV show or movie. You’ve been looking forward to the night all week, and when the time comes, you don’t want to spend most of it stuck in the kitchen, cut off from the party. With an open concept kitchen, you don’t have to. You can be in the kitchen preparing dinner while still watching your favorite show or chatting with your friends. You’ll be able to see everything and join in without feeling as though you’re in another room.

Con: Mess on Display

Few cooks, whether professional or home cooks, are able to prepare a meal without creating something of a mess. Even if you keep your workspace clean and neat, you’re sure to have dirty pots and pans, as well as heaps of dirty dishes. If you’re the kind of person who does the dishes as soon as you finish eating, this might not be a problem. For other homeowners who like to wait a while, having all of your kitchen mess on display to the living room might be uncomfortable.

Pro: Parental Peace of Mind

Any parent of small children knows the danger of taking your eyes off of them even for a second. Cooking can be a time consuming thing, and when there are walls between yourself and your children, you might worry what they’re getting up to. With an open concept kitchen, you can watch your kids play — and keep them out of trouble — while you prepare dinner. 

Con: Less Cozy

Open concept kitchens fit perfectly into the modern home design, with a big, open, airy feel to them. But not everyone likes modern. If you prefer a warm, cozier home layout that offers privacy and a homey feeling, you might prefer to keep the walls up. The activity in your living room or the TV shows currently playing can also be distracting and might get you out of your zone when you’re trying to achieve the perfect bake.

Pro: Small Feels Big

On the other hand, if you have a small kitchen and you’re starting to feel a little claustrophobic, an open concept kitchen can help the space to feel larger. It can also allow you to place your pantry slightly outside of your kitchen, so that you have more room within your kitchen to move around. Is an open concept kitchen right for you? Contact Jericho Home Improvements today to tell us your vision for your kitchen remodel or to get a free estimate.

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