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What is the most important quality to look for in a remodeling contractor? Maybe some of the first things that come to mind are about the company itself. Questions like “Do they have a quality product at an affordable price?” and “Do they have experts with years of experience under their belt?

While these are important qualities to look for in a company, the qualities in your contractor are even more important. You see, your remodeling contractor is going to be someone whom you do business with, in your home, for many days; possibly weeks. Under these circumstances, there are certain qualities that are not just preferable but crucial.


Although this should be a given with any profession, it is especially important when you are going to be dealing one-on-one with a contractor for an extended period of time. Creating a positive environment is important and can give you the home remodeling experience that you deserve. When you meet with your contractor, they should be pleasant, have a good attitude and be an all-around nice person.


Professionalism comes from working for a company with high standards of excellence. The thing that professionalism says to the customer is, “We know what we’re doing. We’ve been through this before and this is how we do it every time.” A contractor with a professional attitude can also be trusted to be detail-oriented, prompt, and thorough.

Excellent Communication

Your contractor should be happy to work with you every step of the way and should exhibit good communication from the very beginning. A good company will assign a Project Manager to your remodel with the skills needed to handle your specific type of remodeling job.

Ask your contractor if they will be available throughout the entire remodel. You want to be able to communicate with them anytime you have questions or concerns about your kitchen remodeling in Kansas City, MO.

Other noble qualities

Among these qualities of trusted remodeling contractors in Lawrence, MO, you will want to ask if your contractor is licensed. Yes, this should also be a give but there are plenty of unlicensed contractors so it’s always best to ask. You should also ask if your contractor offers any warranties and ask them to explain the warranties in detail and then give them to you in writing. Contractors often skim over the warranties leaving out parts but a trusted contractor should go over the warranties and, hopefully, offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their work.

At Jericho Home Improvements friendliness, professionalism, and excellent communication are the foundation that we have built our business on. We hire contractors based on, not only their expertise but also their pleasantness and positive attitude. We promise to make your kitchen of bathroom remodeling in Kansas City, MO, a delightful experience. Call us today for a consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you.