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When it’s time to makeover your kitchen or bathroom, how do you know which of the remodeling companies in Kansas City to choose?

Finding the right company is the single most important decision you can make for your project. You’re making a serious investment in your home and you should demand that the remodeling contractor you select will deliver results you love.

So, what criteria should you use to find the right kitchen and bath remodeler? Here are four key questions you should ask:

  1. Who Will Be In My Home Doing The Actual Work?

Here’s the wrong answer: “subcontractors.” You should also be aware that most remodeling companies will not come right out and say that they use subcontractors and will talk around it. So, if you find them hedging, just ask flat-out if they subcontract the work.

There are many different business models among Kansas City remodeling companies, but some of the worst examples are the ones that are just sales and marketing businesses. They sell the project, but then they subcontract the work to the lowest bidder.

Another answer you sometimes hear: “I’ll be doing most or all of the work myself.” This is a red flag, too. What this usually means is that the “company” you’re hiring is actually just a guy and his truck. Many of these folks are either doing this part-time, or are under-insured, or don’t have the professionalism to deliver first-rate results. It’s a risk, and not one you want to take with your kitchen or bath remodel.

So, what’s the right answer? Here’s what you want to hear: “The people who will be doing the work in your home are our employees. They are well-trained, experienced Master Installers whose quality we completely control because they work for us.”

  1. What Happens If Something Goes Wrong?

The correct answer is “we have a 100% money back guarantee.” But you’ll almost never hear that, because most kitchen and bath remodelers don’t have enough confidence in their processes and professionalism to make this kind of bold promise.

In fact, we estimate that less than 1% of remodeling companies in Kansas City offers this type of guarantee.

There are other things that could go wrong besides just the lousy workmanship, and you need to consider that, too. No one likes to think about accidents or injuries, but they can and do happen.

Many homeowners don’t realize it, but if a contractor doesn’t have adequate insurance, any problems like this can end up as claims against their own homeowner’s policy. That’s why it’s so crucial to hire an established, professional company that is properly licensed and insured.

Everyone hopes that there won’t be workmanship problems or insurance issues, but this is your home and you should demand that your contractor provide written proof that you are protected with a money-back guarantee, and that they are properly licensed and insured.

To see Jericho Home Improvement’s 100% Money Back Guarantee, visit this page.

  1. Why Is Your Price That Low?

We know that sounds like a crazy question at first glance. It’s a question that goes against what we all love: a bargain. But let’s put it this way: when you go to buy a car, you don’t expect to get a fully-loaded Cadillac Escalade for the price of a Nissan Versa.

If you were offered that deal, you’d rightly ask what was wrong with the Cadillac that it was so cheap. But when it comes to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, it’s tempting for homeowners to believe they’ll get the equivalent of a loaded SUV for the price of a 2-door economy car.

But here’s the real truth: price does matter, and cheaper does not automatically mean you’re getting a good deal.

Here’s why: when your kitchen or bath remodeler takes a sloppy shortcut or uses inferior products to save on costs, that’s going to impact the value you get out of your remodel.

Another thing to consider: how will quality workmanship hold up compared to inferior, sloppy installation done on the cheap? If your project needs to be repaired or replaced later, that will cost you more in the long run.

We’re not advising you to pay outrageous prices. But it’s important for homeowners to know that this old adage does apply to kitchen and bathroom projects: “you get what you pay for.”

  1. Do You Have References I Could Talk To?

We recommend asking for a minimum of 100 recent references. These should be homeowners that have already done business with the Kansas City remodeler you’re considering. You might be thinking “I’d never call 100 references.”

We’re not recommending you call all 100 (unless you want to and have a lot of free time!). But what asking for 100 references does is this: it means the remodeling contractor can’t cherry pick the best 2 or 3 projects they’ve ever done. You know, a couple of remodels that went perfectly, or maybe we’re done for a friend. That won’t give you a true picture.

On the other hand, if a remodeling company can hand you a list of 100 recent customers and confidently say, “pick whoever you want and call them” that says something about the consistency and quality of their work.

Always demand lots of references before hiring your contractor!

Conclusion: Get Beautiful Results

Getting a beautiful new kitchen or bathroom is a great feeling when the job is done right. Use these four key questions to find the exact right contractor among all the remodeling companies in Kansas City.

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