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Kansas City remodeling is a thriving industry, but it doesn’t mean there are good contractors on every corner. Before you hire a company to work in your home, ask these questions to determine if it’s a good match.

Are You Licensed?

This is the most important question to ask a potential contractor. Local, state and federal regulations require licenses for certain types of home improvement work. If your contractor isn’t properly licensed and makes a large mistake, you’ll be liable for paying to have it fixed. If a company says it isn’t licensed or refuses to provide the license number, find another company.

How Will You Protect My Property?

Kansas City remodeling jobs can get messy. The company you hire should be willing to protect your property from that mess. Typically, a company should be willing to cover your furniture with tarps and wear shoe covers when walking through your home. The contractors should also tell you in advance if any items will need to be moved and be willing to lock doors properly if they’ll be working when you aren’t present.

What Types of Warranties Do You Provide?

Beware of any companies that refuse to provide warranties for its products or services. A company that is confident in its work will have no problem offering warranties because it won’t expect anything to go wrong. You should know exactly what the warranty does and does not cover as well as for how long it is covered. Some companies only cover items for a few years while others offer lifetime warranties.

How Long Will the Job Take?

Of course, you don’t want your home to be a construction zone for months at a time, so it is important to ask the contractor how long a job will take. Factors include what other jobs it is working on, whether it has open bids that could impact your job if finalized and how delays will be handled.

Companies such as Jericho Home Improvements provide Kansas City remodeling that is professional and high-quality. Choosing the right company means you’ll have a beautiful renovation in a matter of weeks.