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Looking for something different when it comes to your kitchen remodel? It can be difficult to find something that doesn’t feel as though it’s been done time and time again. If you want a fresh look for your kitchen, consider incorporating old and new design elements to create a transitional kitchen. Here’s everything you need to know:

What Is a Transitional Kitchen?

A transitional kitchen combines traditional design elements and contemporary elements in order to create a timeless appearance that doesn’t go out of style — one that is “transitional.” This may mean using warm, traditional colors and textures but balancing them with sharp, clean lines or bright backsplashes. These modern elements give the eye a pleasant surprise, making the overall look more appealing. Transitional kitchens began growing in popularity a couple years ago and they remain terrific options now in 2020.

Colors and Broad Strokes

The way that you incorporate the two is really up to you. Often transitional kitchens include white or light countertops, cabinets, and walls or backsplashes. However, they might have sleeker designs throughout. More modern surfaces, updated appliances, or modern, minimalist chairs along the kitchen island are all great options for a transitional kitchen. You want a balance, so if most of the kitchen is light, consider buying a kitchen island in which the drawers have a deeper color or opting for warm, wood floors.

Other Transitional Kitchen Ideas

Overall, keep in mind that you want design elements that are flexible and that add balance to the space. Custom cabinets can fit into both traditional and contemporary designs. Natural elements like wood or stone are perfect for transitional kitchens. Balance this with stainless steel appliances. Be careful not to go too neutral. If you do that, you won’t end up with a transitional kitchen, but rather a safe, neutral kitchen. Make sure to incorporate distinctly old and new, warm and cool, elements into your kitchen.

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