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Are you thinking about creating a more accessible bathroom for your home? There are times in our lives when we do have to make some subtle adjustments because of lifestyle changes, and creating an accessible bathroom is one of those changes. Jericho Home Improvement can help because our experts are committed to our customers and have the understanding and compassion towards these lifestyle changes. From accessible grab bars to no-slip flooring and a variety of other options, Jericho can ensure that your bathroom is remodeled for safety and accessibility. So, what are some options for creating a bathroom that is made for accessibility?

Accessibility Remodeling Features

Bench Seating

Built-in or wall-mounted, there is a variety of choices for bench seating. Bench seating creates a change in how you are able to shower, and it can create a sauna effect in your shower area. If there has been a lifestyle change and you are worried about safety, bench seating can be a great option to still enjoy a shower, but be seated instead. There is also an option of upgrading to a steam shower to enjoy some gentle relaxation as well.

Walk-In Showers And Tubs

A wonderful addition to any bathroom. A walk-in tub option is very popular because it allows homeowners the ability to relax and to soothe aching muscles without the hassle of having to step over the side to enter. Because the space within the tub is quite large, there is a large area to move around in, and it also seals closed after the door is shut and you are fully rested within. As for walk-in showers, these showers can be made with a large entryway to allow in wheelchairs to make them more accessible and with a huge step-over area to make entry simple. This decreases any safety issues when moving in and out of both the tub and the shower and can create peace of mind during bathing.

Slip Resistant Flooring

For slip-resistant flooring, there are many varieties to choose from and it is really up to your lifestyle. The most popular type is vinyl and this is popular for the surface of the shower, but there are some homeowners that enjoy a natural stone instead. This is all about personal preference here, but either one does help to reduce slips and falls within the shower area.

Grab Bars

Installing a bar feature also for support when standing in a shower or getting out of the bathtub. It’s a wonderful safety feature that lends a hand to accessibility because it helps with balance and stability. Many homeowners have added these through the years when doing a bathroom remodeling project because they are installed by a licensed expert and positioned correctly for the homeowner’s needs.

Hydrotherapy Jets

Many people believe that hydrotherapy jets are for relaxation only, however they are a wonderful way to help soothe sore muscles and relax them as well. Suppose you suffer from physical issues or some limitations because of back, neck or shoulder problems. In that case, hydrotherapy jets are truly part of a bathroom remodeling project for accessibility. They can also help to increase your sense of well-being and provide relaxation.

It’s important to understand the remodeling options available to you for accessibility, but it’s also a good idea to understand which company to choose when completing a bathroom remodeling project.

There Are Many Benefits To Working With Jericho For Bathroom Accessibility


Since we are licensed in both ADA installations, we make sure that all of our installers know how important it is to choose the right product, materials, and address concerns of the homeowner when we install our products. Safety is incredibly important and with accessibility, we take it seriously here at Jericho.


We aim to create a stress-free project here at Jericho and sometimes our projects can be just a single day, making it simple for the homeowner to start using their new accessible bathroom right away.


Even accessibility can be joined with luxury when it comes to some of the elements that are available with many of our bathroom remodeling projects. There are those natural stone slip-resistant floors and the hydrotherapy jets that we offer, so remember just because your lifestyle may have changed, it does not mean that you can not be fully relaxed in your new bathroom.


Independence is so important. After your remodeling project, certain things can change. You may feel more free to walk in and out of the tub and more confident knowing that you have a safe and secure space. This can increase independence and also help you to spend more time relaxing in a space that may not have seemed as safe lately.

Why Jericho Home Improvements Is The Best Choice For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project For Accessibility

Jericho Home Improvements believes in safety and quality and this is why we are passionate about our accessibility projects.  We believe in our homeowners gaining independence and being able to feel safe and secure within their homes.  This is why we offer a wide variety of options to choose from.  We are also incredibly passionate about bathroom as well as kitchen design and will help you with your budget and picking the best styles and fixtures to match your vision.  Jericho even has a professional design team to help you to find what you are looking for.

Ready to start your bathroom remodeling project?  If you’re in or directly around the Kansas City, KS area, please Contact Us and we will be there to answer all of your questions about kitchen remodeling and also discuss any options that we have at Jericho.  

Feel free to take a look at our bathroom gallery which shows off our custom work and also can give you some great ideas to create the kitchen of your dreams! 

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