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You’ve got the budget, you have your ideas in hand and you’re all ready to start work on the new room of your dreams. There’s just one piece of the puzzle missing – the contractor! Finding remodeling contractors in Lawrence, Mo. should be a piece of cake, right? Not necessarily. Finding the right contractors for a job can be a bit like dating, requiring a lot of trial and error until you can get the right fit. How can you streamline the process? One way is knowing the red flags of a bad contractor.

Doesn’t Have Specific Experience

If you’re remodeling a bathroom, look for someone with bathroom experience, remodeling a kitchen, look for kitchen experience and so on. Just because someone has years of experience working on houses doesn’t mean they’ve ever handled a kitchen renovation and know all the unique challenges that can entail. So ask questions. A good contractor won’t be offended and will hopefully volunteer a broad portfolio.

Wants a Fast Decision

High-pressure tactics are always huge red flags when it comes to doing business and that’s definitely true when it comes to choosing remodeling contractors in Lawrence, Mo. A renovation project is a big deal and comes with a big price tag. A good contractor will give you space and time to review your options and make a decision.

No Written Guarantees

Good contractors stand by their work. There’s no reason a reputable contractor should balk at backing their proposed work with a written agreement of what is covered and what isn’t. If they scoff, proceed with caution.

When choosing remodeling contractors in Lawrence, Mo. there are a lot of very obvious stop signs, such as contractors who don’t return calls or try to work under the table. But there are also subtler signs that a contractor won’t be a good choice. Keep some of the ones outlined above in mind as you make your choice and you won’t come to regret it.