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Do you have a bathroom that can use some sprucing up? Perhaps you have always dreamed of having a luxurious bathroom that really takes you away. Luckily, bathroom remodeling can help you achieve the room you’ve always wanted. Now, the design of your bathroom is really up to you. If you want the space to have that luxurious feel, there are some ideas to consider. If you are looking to do home remodeling in Lawrence, MO, an experienced company can help.

Heated Floors

When having your bathroom redone, you can opt for heated floors to add an extravagant touch. Heated floors are an excellent thing to have when it gets chilly, making mornings much more pleasant.

Dimming Lights

Give your bathroom a relaxing feel for those late night baths with dimming lights. Dimmed lights can really give the room a whole different ambiance and transform the mood in an instant. The soft lighting can create a romantic atmosphere.

Faux Wood Tiles

When it comes to tiles, there are many different options. If you want a look that is warm, peaceful and luxurious, opt for faux wood. Have these installed on the floor, walls or both. The material can provide a nice real wood look that does not come with the concerns of real wood near water.

Massaging Tubs

These are just another way to make your bathroom feel like a spa. Relax and allow the water to do the work. If you have a smaller bathroom and space is limited, you can always opt for a massaging shower head.


Choosing a granite vanity top is another excellent way to add a touch of luxury. In addition, granite can really add character and become the focal point of the room. So as you can see, a simple bathroom remodel can provide you with a relaxing space that feels sumptuous. Contact a local professional if you are ready to do home remodeling in Lawrence, MO today.