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Three Mental Errors Contractors Make That Turn Interior Remodels Into A Nightmare

And The Policies We’ve Carved Into Stone To Ensure They Never Happen On Our Watch

Many Kansas City kitchen and bath remodelers lack the policies and procedures to prevent certain mental errors from affecting their projects. These preventable errors almost always have a way of rearing their ugly heads down the line.

Some kitchen and bath remodelers may tell you the job was a quote “success” but fail to realize they made a costly error.

Errors like:

  • Measurement inconsistencies throughout the project.
  • Not properly testing that your shower is 100% watertight to prevent even the tiniest leaks.
  • Material shortages – causing project delays and a mismatch in design.

The good news is that these mental lapses in judgment can be avoided entirely when things are done “The Jericho Way.”

1. Rushing The Early Steps

Kitchen and bath remodeling is a delicate balancing act that requires a wise use of time management despite the tight deadlines – deadlines which make many Kansas City contractors feel the need to rush.

Less-experienced contractors might be tempted to rush through a remodel’s initial measurements to meet a deadline or, worse, to hurry a sale. In doing this, they’re much more likely to mismeasure your space which can have detrimental project-wide consequences.

But at Jericho Home Improvements, we treat the beginning steps of your remodel with great care and oversight.

We leave nothing to chance, and we never cut corners. From the first moment a trusted Jericho-trained team member enters your home, they’re focused on doing the job right – not watching the clock.

Our salespeople are trained to spend the time needed during the initial in-home consultation to learn about your specific needs on a deeper level. They take detailed notes and measurements of your kitchen or bathroom – down to the inch.

From there, a project manager will double-check all measurements taken during the sales consultation. Once more, before your kitchen or bath remodel commences, measurements and materials will go through a third verification.

And that level of professionalism and error minimization is just the beginning of doing it right at Jericho Home Improvements.

2. Material Shortages

Yet another common mental error of Kansas City kitchen and bath remodeling projects is failing to order enough materials or running out of materials during the project because of unexpected changes.

Ordering the right amount of top-quality materials may seem straightforward enough. But you’d be surprised to learn how many homeowners are left high and dry because their contractors failed to order an adequate amount of materials to account for unpredictable circumstances.

This means that instead of getting your dream kitchen or bath on time, you’ll –

  • Have your dream design ruined by the contractor deciding to “work with what they got.”
  • Wait significantly longer for the project to finish, with your kitchen or bath being torn up and unusable while you wait.

But as you already know – we do things differently at Jericho.

Once we have the measurements, design, and crew ready for your project, we make sure to order enough material for your kitchen or bath to account for unforeseen situations.

And ordering enough materials to guarantee the kitchen or bath of your dreams comes to life – the way you want it and on schedule – is an obvious step in eliminating stress.

But before and during your kitchen or bath remodel isn’t the only time homeowners face stress – once the dust settles and the crew leaves, poor installation practices can begin to show.

3. Unproven Waterproofing

The last thing you want for your kitchen or bath remodel is faulty installation to cause issues that can, at best, make your life a hassle and, at worst, damage other areas of your home.

One such area is poor shower pan installation, which can cause water damage. But even with proper shower pan installation, tiny leaks are always possible. This is why it’s imperative to run real-life stress tests to ensure water tightness.

But not all contractors do this.

Instead, they assume their faith in their installation is enough and believe further testing is a “waste of time.”

But not us.

Once we successfully install your shower, we run a strict (what should be) industry-standard leak test by filling the pan to capacity with hot water. After resting for a few hours, or even overnight, we inspect all surrounding areas to determine if any water has leaked out – down to the smallest trickle.

We know this takes longer and requires more effort. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our Whole Team Stands Behind You

We aren’t just a mix of different sub-contractors treating your Kansas City kitchen or bath remodel like “another job to get done.”

Jericho Home Improvements is 100% in-house. Meaning your home will get the oversight, professionalism, and excellence it deserves – through and through.

Our entire team, from courteous sales rep to master craftsman, works in concert to ensure you’re getting the best remodel you’ll ever experience – bar none.

If you want to take your old and tired kitchen or bath to new heights and want it done by a contractor who cares, contact Jericho Home Improvements for a free quote today!