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If you search the internet for a few minutes, you’ll find plenty of information about remodeling, from reviewers with poor experiences to professionals offering advice. Coworkers, friends, and family might all have input from their knowledge or experiences with remodeling. Unfortunately, there are also some common myths floating around about remodeling that can lead homeowners to exhausting more finances and energy.

Jericho Home Improvements is an experienced home improvement contractor in Kansas City and we know the ins and outs of remodeling. In today’s blog, we’ll break down a few common remodeling myths and the truth behind them.

“Remodeling Never Requires Work Permits”

Sure, you might not need a work permit to paint the walls or to install a new dishwasher. But often, remodeling goes deeper than that. Remodeling might mean breaking down walls, restructuring the room, or changing the electrical wiring. Anything that involves electrical work, plumbing, getting into the walls or adding windows and doors will likely require a permit. Ask home improvement contractors what permits are required for your project and if they have them before you begin.

“DIY Remodeling Will Save Money”

Many homeowners believe that tackling their remodeling project themselves will save them money. They’ll buy the materials themselves, but they won’t have to pay for labor. But this is only true in terms of upfront costs. You might not have to pay for labor, but DIY remodeling could mean taking time off work and losing income to finish the project. It could mean that if the property is damaged in the process, you’ll have to pay for the damage. It could mean that you miss details that professional home improvement contractors would have caught and that you end up paying more for repairs or updates in the long run. Hiring a remodeling contractor will not only save you money in the long term, but it will save you a headache in the immediate.

“The Lowest Bid is the Best Bid”

It’s easy to think that the cheapest bid is the best bid, since it will save you the most money. Homeowners should hesitate before taking the highest bid for their remodeling, but it’s equally risky to take the lowest bid. Low bids could speak to a lack of experience, cheap materials, or cutting corners, and any of those things could mean that you pay more down the line repairing the mistakes of your previous home improvement contractor. Get the facts about remodeling, and help from the right home improvement contractor in Kansas City to get your remodeling done to your satisfaction. Contact Jericho Home Improvements today for more information or a free estimate.

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