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Bathroom contractors in Overland Park offer advice on ways to redo your bathroom so that it becomes a luxurious and comfortable space. Since your bathroom needs to be both functional and relaxing, it is important to make the right changes to strike this balance.

If your fixtures are old or damaged, this should be your initial focus. It does not have to be expensive to replace these. Just make sure that your take measurements first so that the new ones you choose easily fit within your space. Depending on space, it is ideal to also add some storage after placing new fixtures. For example, instead of a regular mirror above the sink, consider a medicine cabinet. Place a cabinet over the back of the toilet too for a space saving storage option.

The lighting in your bathroom is something all bathroom contractors in Overland Park talk about. Having lighting that you can dim is a good idea so that when you take a relaxing bath, you can adjust the lights down. When you need to be awake and productive getting ready, you can turn the lights up.

Bringing the outdoors in is trending right now. Add plants to your bathroom where they fit for a burst of color and natural serenity. You can also add a water feature, such as a small fountain. This does not have to take up a lot of space. A few plants placed on your vanity and a small fountain on the sink get the job done. When choosing plants, try to stick to two to four colors that complement the other colors in this room so that everything blends well and creates a lively feel.

Even if your bathroom is small, these tips from bathroom contractors in Overland Park will work for you. Simply adjust them to fit within your space and your specific needs.