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When it comes time to give your kitchen a new look, you want to first be sure on what service you need – how extensive it’ll be and how much it’ll cost. Before you dial for a kitchen remodeler in Lawrence, MO, you may want to decide if you want a full remodel or just a refinishing, depending on what your dream kitchen – and your budget – looks like.

Space Upgrades

Maybe your kitchen isn’t big enough for your cooking and you need new cabinets, a countertop extension, or an island to work on. Perhaps, your kitchen’s plumbing isn’t quite cutting it and you need a more spacious sink, a more functional faucet, and other specialties. This is just what remodeling can do for you. A team of Jericho Home Improvement professionals, carefully picked as on-board hires instead of sub-contractors , can do the heavy lifting from carpentry to plumbing to electrical work, even knocking down walls to expand.

A Fresh New Look

A clean, well-maintained kitchen is a kitchen anyone can feel at home cooking in. If you need your floors touched up or a quality countertop to work on, calling in for a refinishing might be just enough. Kitchen remodelers in Lawrence, MO often offer refinishing services for lighter jobs, not as a “cheap” option in a low-quality sense but for the less labor-intensive projects that shouldn’t demand a high price tag. This is a good option as well for repairing or updating fixtures such as lighting or faucets.

Budgeting Your New Kitchen

Ultimately, each project is unique, and a large part of this comes down to the homeowner’s budget in time and money. Compared to remodeling, refinishing jobs typically come at a third of the price and take a third as long to complete. Consulting with a business such as Jericho Home Improvement can offer recommendations and help you decide what you need, be it an entirely new space or a makeover.