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Discover ways to get a bathroom you’ll love with all the safety features you need in Kansas City

As Kansas City homeowners enter their golden years, they are looking for ways to make their bathrooms not just more beautiful – but safer too.

And for good reason! 

Eighty percent of slips and falls by seniors occur in the bathroom. This means getting your senior-friendly remodeling project done right the first time isn’t just a luxury – it’s a necessity! Here are some great senior-friendly remodeling ideas for Kansas City homeowners who want to get their remodeling project started on the right track. 

(Of course, you could get started right now by getting a free design session and quote by contacting us.)

#1 – Relax And Have A Seat

One of the best ways to upgrade your bathroom’s safety is to install a shower seat or tub seat. There are all kinds of stylish shower bench designs to suit any taste, including those that can be folded down or built right into the walls of the shower or tub. A seat not only makes showering easier and safer and it can make transitioning in and out of the shower if you use a wheelchair easier too. 

#2 – Get A Sprayer Attachment For Your Shower 

Instead of risking a nasty fall by standing and leaning this way and that way to take a shower – make your showerhead come to you! A detachable showerhead attached to a long flexible hose makes showering easy. It eliminates the need to stand while showering – a bonus for those who have problems standing for long periods. Plus it makes getting to all those hard to reach places a breeze. 

#3 – Add Grab Bars Or Rails

It’s easy to see the benefits of adding a sturdy grab bar or railing system to your bathroom. It not only makes it easier to get in and out of the shower or tub – it gives you something strong and sturdy to hold onto as you use your shower or tub. But having your grab bars and railings installed by a professional is a must. At Jericho Home Improvements, our installers will take the time to make sure the bars and railings get installed correctly and – most importantly – securely. And our skilled master installers will make sure they are customized to your height and weight. You won’t find any cookie-cutter solutions here! 

#4 – Curbless Showers And Walk-In Tubs

As we age, the simple act of lifting a leg over tub walls can put us at risk for a fall. That’s why installing a curbless shower can be a real lifesaver. A curbless shower can also make the transition from wheelchair to shower seat simple and easy for the senior and the caregiver. Walk-in bathtubs are another popular option, as they are much easier to access than traditional tubs and most have a built-in seat as well. Why not schedule a free in-home professional design consultation to go over all the ways we can design a shower or tub that can be both beautiful and safer to use. 

#5 -Take Your Toilet To New Heights 

You’d be surprised how simply raising the toilet’s height – sometimes as little as 3 inches – can make all the difference in the world.  We can simply raise the height of your existing toilet with a thicker toilet seat, or we can entirely replace your old toilet with a gorgeous new raised toilet designed to be both comfortable, taller and easier to use. 

Easier Access. Amazing Results.

Don’t wait – increase your personal safety and maintain your independence by choosing the only Kansas City bathroom remodeler that guarantees it’s results.  Our expert bathroom designers will create a custom plan – just for you – that will allow you to stay in your home longer with a bathroom you will absolutely love!  Get your stunning new easy-access bathroom started, today. Contact us for your free design consultation and quote right now.

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