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10 Senior-Friendly Kitchen Remodel Ideas For
Your Kansas City, KS Home Remodel

Make Your Kitchen Easier To Navigate And Use
As You Age

For seniors in the Kansas City, KS area, a kitchen remodel is often needed so you can age at home – rather than move into assisted living facilities. As time passes, the kitchen of a senior’s home could become an issue. Without the proper adjustments, everyday activities can become a hazard – especially in a kitchen.

A kitchen can be full of accidents just waiting to happen. After all, many urgent care and emergency room visits reported each year are due to mishaps in the home. The key for seniors to continue to enjoy their homes is a beautiful and accessible kitchen remodel.

We have ten senior-friendly kitchen remodel ideas you may want to consider for your Kansas City, KS home.


1. Install Bright Lights

It’s no secret that eyesight tends to deteriorate as you age. Plenty of evenly distributed bright lights installed throughout your kitchen will make it much easier to see while cooking or making your morning coffee.

If your kitchen has a lot of natural light, consider a combination of ceiling, wall, and countertop bright lights to make the room easy to navigate.

2. Install Countertops That Are Easy To Clean

One of the best design tips is carefully considering your countertops’ materials. If your new counters are difficult to maintain and require extensive cleaning or treatment, you might be opening yourself up to an accident.

Especially if you have a large island that requires a step stool to reach every inch, find materials that you can wipe down quickly with just a little work.

Bonus tip: choose a lighter color countertop to help brighten the room. A bright-colored countertop works well with your new lights in the kitchen!

3. Pay Attention To The Height Of Your Countertops

In most homes, the countertops have a standard height of 36 inches. However, for seniors who may be using a wheelchair, this is simply too tall to use comfortably. Ideally, you will want your countertops to be 30 inches in height.

While dealing with the height, remember to have a countertop with rounded edges – as these are safer than straight edges. A rounded edge is perfect for reducing the chance of injury for seniors and grandchildren alike.

4. Choose A Sink That Is Easy To Use

While you may think you only use your sink a few times each day, you would probably be surprised at how many times you actually use this underappreciated appliance. For this purpose, the sink you install in your senior-friendly kitchen should be functional and easy to use.

Some of the features you may want to consider include:

  • Sinks that have sprayer attachments to make washing dishes easier
  • A free-standing sink or freeing up the space below the sink, making it easier for a wheelchair to access this
  • Locating the sink a bit closer to the edge of the countertop, making it easier to access faucets and sprayers

5. Invest In Smart Cabinets

While innovative cabinets are not going to organize themselves or open on their own, they make it easier for seniors to find what they need since it helps avoid the bending, stretching, and searching often associated with cabinets.

These smart cabinets are going to have elements like:

  • Top cabinets may have pull-down trays making it easier to access items
  • Drawers may roll easily with compartments inside for easy access
  • The handles are often D-shaped, allowing for easier grip

While considering all the intelligent cabinet options, have these cabinets lowered to avoid standing on a step stool to access elements in your cupboards.

6. Mount Appliances On The Wall

There are several benefits to having your appliance mounted on your Kansas City, KS kitchen wall. It is a great way to avoid taking up much-needed counter space but is also safer. In many cases, appliances are often located near wet areas — water and electricity do not mix!

You can opt to have these appliances installed at a height that will cater to your current and future needs.

7. Have Safe Flooring Installed

You may not be thinking about your flooring, but it is just as essential as other components to help you have a senior-friendly kitchen. You will want to use anti-skid flooring to reduce the risks of falling. Anti-skid flooring has been shown even to benefit those seniors walking with walkers.

8. Upgrade To A Pullout Pantry

If you have the room for a pantry, you won’t regret having one built for storage. However, to make this senior-friendly opt for this pantry to be a pullout pantry. It will allow you to find everything quickly without having to reach and stretch.

9. Pay Attention To Clearance Space

You do not want your kitchen to be so tight that it is hard to maneuver. A small kitchen may feel claustrophobic, but you also need to consider that it can be an impossible obstacle course for those in a wheelchair or using a walker.

Instead, you want to ensure that you have at least 36 inches of clearance between the walls and appliances – or between an island and your new cabinets.

10. Avoid A Lot Of Dark Colors

While many people would never hear of a kitchen that is dark in color, recent design trends have shifted to a more muted color palette. However, for seniors who want their kitchen to be safe, going with soft pastel colors throughout the kitchen can help to make this brighter.

You can take this a step further by going with cabinets that are lighter in color. The color options are up to you and what you want in your kitchen – but every choice you make will impact accessibility.

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