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If you’re ready for kitchen remodeling in Richmond, MO, do yourself a favor and make sure you choose a layout that allows you to smoothly flow from one part of the kitchen to the next in a way that won’t have you stumbling over yourself as you cook, put away clean dishes and anything else you do in your kitchen.

Don’t Overlook the Basics

One of the best places to start when it comes with your kitchen layout is the fundamentals, like silverware. It’s best that you position your silverware in a drawer close to either the dishwasher or the sink. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have all your silverware stored in an organizer to make it that much easier and faster to grab whatever utensil or instrument you need.


As for dishes, you want to think similarly to how you put away your silverware: close to the dishwasher. In this case, storing dishes on the opposite side of the dishwasher and the opposite side of the silverware drawer is best. No matter where you choose to store your dishes, just make sure the contractor handling your kitchen remodeling in Richmond, MO, doesn’t install cabinets that are in the way of the dishwasher’s open door. Don’t have cabinets in your current kitchen or would rather not include them in your remodel? Storage in the pantry makes for a great alternative.

Large Bowls

Cabinet space above the fridge makes for an optimum place to store your large bowls as well as wine and any cookbooks you might have. This makes for a better use than simply storing less-used items above the fridge the way most homeowners tend to do.


Like to cook with a lot of spices? If so, adjustable organizers are sure to be your new best friend.

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