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The Shortcut Tradeoff: A Faster Route At The
Risk Of Pitfalls, Danger, And No Assurance

If What Your KC Contractor Tells You Seems
Too Good To Be True, It’s Because It Is

Taking the easy path – it’s sometimes good and sometimes not so good. And in the case of Kansas City kitchen and bathroom remodeling, it most definitely is not good.

Because, more often than not, the easy path equals the cheap path.

And as we all know, the cheap path eventually leads to the problematic path.

In the world of kitchen and bathroom remodeling, hiring a contractor who takes the easy path will almost always lead to more expense and more frustration down the road.

Whether it’s using cost-cutting materials, rushing the installation process, or not double-checking the quality of their installation, the shortcut game offers plenty of options to play.

But at Jericho Home Improvements, we don’t treat your kitchen and bathroom like a money-saving game. Because we only:

You see, there exists no shortcut to doing the job right. Ever. Especially when it comes to your home’s kitchen and bathroom.

Beware The Acrylic Slappers

Many Kansas City bathroom remodelers would have you believe that quicker is better. But is rushing your bathroom remodel actually a good thing?

We tend to think it’s not.

Think about it – why would you want to spend 48 or even 24 hours or less rushing the remodel of a space you hope to use for decades to come?

What many of these “acrylic slappers” won’t tell you is this: they’ll simply plop an acrylic liner over your existing bathroom surfaces. This does nothing to ensure that what’s going on underneath the surface, plumbing included, is in a state to have MORE material put on top of it.

This only leaves room for (potentially massive) water issues – from structural damage, to mold growth – later down the line.

The logic is simple, really – there is no better way to ensure a bathroom remodel is done right than… well, to take the needed time to do it right.

So that’s exactly what we do.

We take the needed time – no more, no less – to ensure your bathroom is rock solid for years to come.

Some call this efficiency.

We just call it “The Jericho Way.”

Installation From Top To Bottom And
Down To The Millimeter. (Really.)

We tear out everything and start fresh – including a deep inspection of ALL plumbing done by Master Craftsmen who know plumbing inside and out.

From there, we apply proper backing to all surfaces BEFORE we apply our top-quality, waterproof grout.

Then when the dust settles, we do a deep inspection by pouring hot water into the shower pan, letting it sit overnight, and then inspecting it a day later with a thermal gun. We do this to ensure there are absolutely no leaks occurring – down to the tiniest, millimeter-wide cracks.

It’s a technique that in and of itself takes 24 hours to achieve. So while these other guys are slapping acrylic over your bathroom left and right, we’re letting water sit.

All in the name of science and COMPLETE customer satisfaction.

Believe us when we say – you do not want to rush remodeling a space of your home in 24 hours that’s meant to last for decades to come.

You’ve Reached Your Destination. Safe And Sound.

If you’re ready for a Kansas City kitchen and bathroom remodel done by a quality-driven contractor, contact Jericho Home Improvements for a free quote today!