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Find The Best Remodeling Company In KC For Your Specific Remodel-Type 

Homeowners searching for the best remodeling companies in Kansas City wonder if it’s better to choose a general contractor or a specialist. If your doing a kitchen or bathroom remodel, there are a lot of solid reasons to choose a specialist.

While there are some good general remodelers out there, there are disadvantages when you choose them for a more specialized project. A general contractor is more suited for additions, basement remodeling, building projects, and whole house remodeling.

A kitchen and bathroom specialist has many advantages over a general contractor. Here are 4 great reasons for choosing a remodeling company that specializes in kitchen and bathrooms for your project.

Advantage #1 – Better Design & Planning.

The best remodeling companies in KC will include professional design services as part of your project. But that doesn’t mean they are all equally good. You’ll get better design results if the person doing the work specializes in kitchens and bathrooms.

When you think about how a general contractor works, you’ll realize they are always doing all different types of projects, and it’s very possible they will go for stretches where they don’t do a kitchen or bathroom remodel for a while.

But with a remodeler that specializes in nothing but kitchens and bathrooms, you’ll know your project will be designed and planned by experts who do this every day.

For more information, visit our Professional Design Consultation page.

Advantage #2 – Product Selection Guidance.

New products and technologies in kitchen and bathrooms evolve rapidly. It’s too much for a general remodeling company to keep up with – you can’t expect that any company that doesn’t specialize in this area could possibly stay abreast of it all.

At Jericho Home Improvements, kitchens and bathrooms is all we do. It’s what allows us to give such helpful advice and guidance to our clients on the very best products and technologies for your new kitchen or bathroom.

For a free consultation on your kitchen or bathroom remodel, Contact Us.

Advantage #3 – Installers Who Are True Experts

Most general contractors will have to scramble to line up sub-contractors to do the installation work that a kitchen or bathroom remodel requires. And even if a general remodeling company has installers who can do the work, their level of experience with kitchens and bathrooms is not likely to match that of a specialist.

At Jericho Home Improvements, we have our own team of Master Installers – not sub-contractors. Even many companies who specialize in kitchens and baths use sub-contractors for the majority of the work. We prefer the quality and accountability of using our own team of proven installation experts.

Would you like to get a free consultation and quote for your remodel from the biggest and the best kitchen and bathroom remodeling specialists in Kansas City? Schedule now by contacting us.

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