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Shower Remodel Ideas For Small Bathrooms

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A shower remodel can breathe new life into your bathroom, giving it a fresh, modern look and vibe. But, if you have a small space, finding the right design and products for your bathroom remodeling project can be a challenge. Updating its aesthetic or making the most of limited square footage requires careful planning, creative thinking, and quality craftsmanship.

You can even incorporate some luxurious features when remodeling a small bathroom. With an average shower in America lasting about eight minutes, why not make your space as efficient and stylish as possible to enjoy your daily showers?

Whether looking to maximize your bathroom’s potential, add some practicality to your morning routine, or simply create a spa-like escape in your home, these shower remodeling ideas can transform your tiny bathroom into an exquisite and functional area.

Upgrade Your Showerhead With Multiple Jets

Multiple jets provide wider water spread to help you enjoy a more luxurious showering experience. Look for a wall-mounted system with up to five head and body sprays. Moreover, install a showerhead that maintains the right water pressure for your needs.

Installing multiple jets will help you save water, allowing you to keep the shower running until your desired temperature is reached.

Install A Frameless Shower Door

If there’s one thing that can make a small bathroom look even smaller, it’s the bulky frames around the shower doors. Installing frameless doors instantly makes the shower look bigger and brighter. And with modern designs that can be customized to fit any bathroom size – you’ll have a stylish upgrade in no time.

The minimalistic design allows for easier maintenance and cleaning. With the right maintenance, frameless shower doors can last over 15 years.

Add Built-In Storage

If storage is a concern in remodeling a small bathroom elegantly, consider adding built-in shelves or cubbies. This practical solution provides a place to store your shower items, freeing up space and making it easier to find what you need.

Install these shelves in the shower walls to keep things organized and out of the way. Add a lighting accent near the shelves to make it easier to see what you need. For an extra touch of luxury, incorporate marble countertops in the shelving design.

Go For Bold And Dark Tiles

Small bathrooms can often feel like dark, cramped spaces. To make it look more spacious and vibrant, opt for dark-colored shower tiles with a glossy finish that creates the illusion of a larger area, with bold colors to draw attention away from any smallness in the room. Smaller accents can also draw attention away from the size of the bathroom.

Patterns like herringbone, chevron, and vertical layouts can give the illusion of height in your shower. If installing tile is too much work, hire expert bathroom remodelers in the Kansas Metro area to finish the job.

Opt For A Corner Shower Unit

A corner shower fits into the corner of your small bathroom, freeing up wall and floor space in the process. These units are ideal for master bathroom remodeling and have several different design options, such as glass door enclosures that can be opened for a bigger space. It’s also much easier to install than the traditional bathtub and shower combination.

You can even add a steam shower unit if you want your bathroom to feel like a private spa. Take inspiration from the terrazzo trend and add a hint of marbling for the perfect luxurious touch.

Choose Wooden Flooring For A Cozy Touch

Wooden flooring adds a natural and rustic touch to your bathroom. It’s also a great way to distract from the size of the room, as it helps separate areas that may not always be visible.

Choose an engineered wooden floor for more durability, as solid wood may warp over time due to the high moisture levels in bathrooms. A waterproof sealant can protect against water damage and mildew. The right sealing will help your wooden floors last longer and provide an extra layer of protection from any water spills or splashes.

Experienced remodeling professionals can help you choose the best materials, designs, and colors to make your small bathroom look bigger and brighter.

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