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Fitting A Beautiful Kitchen Remodel Into A Smaller Space

When you see pictures of kitchen remodeling in the big glossy magazines or on the fancy home improvement websites, they are almost always huge.

That’s understandable, there’s a lot to look at and admire. (We certainly love creating big, beautiful kitchens for our clients who want them!)

But we don’t believe a kitchen has to be big to be considered beautiful.

In fact, we know it doesn’t because we’ve done a ton of kitchen remodeling in Kansas City in smaller spaces. Sometimes it requires a little more creativity, sometimes it requires some trade-offs, but there are ways to make a smaller space a beautiful and very functional kitchen.

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Here Are 10 Remodeling Tips For Smaller Kitchen Spaces

#1 Compact Kitchen Appliances

As technology and innovation have improved, smaller kitchen appliances no longer have to mean weak performance or cramped living.

The right-sized refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and other key appliances can save you space without costing you function.

#2 Deeper Counters

If you don’t have much room to add length to your counters, add depth. A few more inches of counter depth can add up and make your counter much roomier for items like coffee makers and blenders.

But it also adds to your food preparation space, which is key if the area you have to work in is already relatively small.

#3 The Right Island

Not everyone wants an island in their kitchen, and not every space is right for it. But many people with smaller kitchen spaces automatically assume it’s not an option.

The truth is, there are a lot of options out there… including smaller islands that can add to counter space, while also adding a nice touch to the aesthetics of a kitchen at the same time.

A good Kansas City kitchen remodeling company can recommend solutions for islands in smaller spaces. All our remodeling projects come with professional design included. For a free consultation, Contact Us.

#4 Shelving

This one is pretty easy to understand. If you add shelving, you’re increasing the useable space of your kitchen. You’re also adding a place where you can display decorative touches that help make your kitchen unique.

#5 Pull Out Cabinets

There are special cabinets that can help maximize space, including ones that pull out on rollers or Lazy Susans. Look for every possible way to maximize functional areas!

#6 Glass Doored Cabinets

This tip is not about maximizing space – it’s about how the human eye works. If you have glass front cabinets, it gives the illusion that your space is more open.

One warning: you’ll only want to get these if you keep your cabinets relatively neat, because everyone can see your plates and dishes in the cabinet.

#7 Good Lighting

It’s something everyone can understand intuitively — a dark space always looks smaller. Good lighting that brings a bright feel to your new kitchen can make a big difference in how airy your kitchen feels.

This is another place where a skilled, experienced designer can make a difference by recommending the right placement of lighting.

#8 Natural Light

The other kind of light that helps comes from outside. It’s not possible for every space, but if you can increase the amount of natural light in your kitchen with a remodel – do it! It will add to your enjoyment of your completed kitchen remodel and make it a brighter, cheerier place to be.

#9 White Cabinets & White Walls

Here’s one more tip about making your kitchen appear bigger: light colored cabinets and light walls. White will maximize the effect, but any lighter color will help give the kitchen a more open feel.

#10 Integrate It With Another Area Of Your Home

Of course, there’s another solution to smaller spaces… make them bigger! Knocking down a wall or otherwise reconfiguring your kitchen can be a great solution. Especially if you have an adjacent dining room, this can be the perfect combination.

Call on a professional kitchen remodeler in Kansas City if you want to explore the right way to reconfigure your kitchen for maximum beauty and functionality.

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