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If your current bathroom is not the bathroom of your dreams, it is time to make a change. You can have that spa bathroom with a bathroom renovation in Richmond MO. The team at Jericho Home improvements can take your current bathroom from a place you don’t want to spend time in, to a place you don’t want to leave.

Choosing a floor plan

When you begin thinking about your bathroom renovation in Richmond MO, you might look at your current bathroom and say, “This will never work”. Maybe the floor plan just isn’t feasible for a spa bathroom like you want. Well, the professionals at Jericho Home Improvements can turn your current floor plan into a spa bathroom that will be exactly like what you have envisioned. Maybe a wall needs moved over or completely taken out. What was once a dull linen closet can become additional floor space in your new spa bathroom. It is all about starting with your floor plan. The floor plan you choose can make all the difference in the flow of your new spa bathroom. You will feel drawn to each area of your new spa bathroom if the floor plan is chosen with care.

Center of Attention

Next, it time to choose what you want in your spa bathroom. Maybe a custom shower with multiple shower jets coming from every side of your shower is what will be the center of attention in your spa bathroom. Another awesome idea for a spa bathroom is a steam room. Nothing makes a spa bathroom more spa-like than a steam room. You might want to sink down into a new jetted massage tub after a long, hard day at work.  Of course, one thing that makes a spa bathroom luxurious is to add heated floors to the plan. Everything you choose in a spa bathroom will be to make your experience relaxing every time you enter your new bathroom. So, choose whatever means “spa” to you and it can become your reality.

Stones, of course

One thing that sets a spa bathroom apart from just an everyday bathroom is stone. You can use stone tile on the floor. Stone floor tiles can have the effect of a hidden path to your secret waterfall that you create in your custom shower. You might want that awesome shower to be lined with stone tiles. Even your steam room can incorporate stones into the design, as well. The decor in a spa bathroom will be enhanced by the use of stone finishes wherever you choose to use them. So, keeping with the natural stone feel is an awesome choice for your spa bathroom renovation.

You will be so proud to step into your new spa bathroom and feel that relaxing feeling that your newly renovated bathroom will give you. The bathroom remodelers at Jericho Home Improvements are ready to give you the spa bathroom that you will love. Our years of experience and master installers will make your spa bathroom an easy dream come true. Call and visit with our bathroom designer today.