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When springtime rolls around each year, so do thoughts of getting your house as clean as it can be; then comes summer with all of its fun activities. This Spring you can have an easy-to-clean bathroom that you will be proud to have your guest see when you entertain this summer.

White Is In

The trendiest bathrooms this year are white. White is clean, crisp, and airy. So a good choice for your bathroom renovations in Richmond MO is white. If white isn’t the color of your dreams, that’s fine. You choose the color you love and our design consultant will take you through the steps to that easy-to-clean springtime bathroom that will make your life easier.

Go All-Out On Fixtures

The biggest thing besides the color that gives a bathroom that easy to clean design is fixtures. You might want white marble fixtures that always look sparkling. An awesome marble feature is a jetted massage tub.  Another choice that makes a bathroom have that fresh, spring clean, feel is glass. You can have an easy to clean shower that is constructed from sparkling clean glass. Maybe a glass vessel sink with a waterfall faucet is something you have imagined for your sparkling clean bathroom. Natural stone can make a bathroom have that walk-in-the-woods, springtime feeling with its cooling effect that only natural stone can give you. Whatever the feeling you want in your bathroom, it is easy to achieve when you get your bathroom renovation in Richmond.

Accents Add So Much

The final touch to add that springtime freshness is in the accents you choose for your bathroom. The lighting you choose will be huge in adding that airy feeling of spring. Crystal clear, perfectly round, glass light fixtures give an easy to clean surface. You might prefer lights that can be directed to each area of your bathroom. Another accent that makes your bathroom feel like a fresh, clean, springtime day is a rain showerhead. Rain showerheads are easy-to-clean and add so much to a bathroom. When choosing mirrors for your easy-to-clean bathroom, you will probably want to choose clean, simple lines that are low maintenance and gives that fresh feeling to your bathroom. There are so many accents that you might want in your new bathroom renovations in Richmond, MO.

Winter is almost over and it will be springtime soon. It’s a great time to get that dream bathroom you’ve always wanted.  Jericho Home Remodeling is ready to help you achieve the amazing results that you want for your newly renovated bathroom. We will help you each step of the way to find the design that is not only beautiful but affordable and, most important of all, easy-to-clean. So call today us to set up a visit with our design consultant.