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5 Ways To Reclaim Space During Your
Kansas City Bathroom Remodel

Make Your Bathroom Look And Feel Larger With A Remodel

For many older Kansas City homes, small and cramped bathrooms are a common problem. In the past, builders constructed homes differently than what meets our demands today. In older-built homes, bathrooms tend to be overly basic.

However, today, bathrooms are not just a room of necessity but a space of relaxation and sanctuary. Feeling enclosed can be stressful and create just the opposite feel, so it’s important to consider space when remodeling your bathroom.

Whether you’re looking to remodel fully or just refinish, make your bathroom an open, welcoming space with these five techniques.

1. Remove A Wall

Wall removal may not always be an option, but if you can, it’s a fantastic way to add some much-needed space. A professional consultant should be able to look at your area and decide if any walls can come out to open the room up a bit.

If a wall isn’t load-bearing, chances are it can come down, significantly affecting the look and feel of the space. Wall removal helps a home’s floor plan flow much smoother and is more appealing to the eye.

Removing barriers between the bathroom and other rooms or hallways allows for ease of movement and more expansive space. After all, no one wants to feel trapped or claustrophobic in the bathroom.

Open bathroom floor plans are highly coveted these days and one of the first things prospective home buyers look for when shopping. So, wall removal isn’t just a personal choice but helps the resale value of your home tremendously.

2. Adding A Bump-Out

If you’re unhappy with the square footage of your bathroom in general, adding a bump-out is a possible option.

So, what is a bump-out? Bump-outs are mini additions to your home that increase the square footage. They can add anywhere from an additional two to three feet to a room or can be the size of an entire room.

In bathrooms, bump-outs are great for accommodating more space for showers or bathtubs. They can significantly increase your bathroom space or give you that little extra needed to make it feel perfect.

Additions in the family often require additions to the living space, so adding a bump out is a viable option for those looking for more room. There’s no need to pack and move a whole house when some extra bathroom space is all you need.

Bump-outs also increase your home value by increasing your square footage, so you’ll surely see your money back on this investment.

3. Invest In Storage Solutions

Investing in comprehensive storage solutions is a practical and affordable way to steal space in your bathroom. Many storage solutions are easy to install, take next to no time to assemble, and add usable space to your bathroom.

Because of heavy traffic, bathrooms are usually one of the most unorganized rooms in a house. Any space that caters to multiple people will inherently lead to disorganization unless simple solutions are implemented.

Consulting with a professional can help you avoid messy countertops and unorganized cabinets, and freeing up this space will make you feel like you just gained a whole new vanity. There’s no need to see the clutter of everyday life when you can neatly put it away behind closed doors. Life circumstances change, and so should your storage!

4. Reconfigure Your Bathroom Floor Plan

Homes don’t have to remain exactly how they were built – they should adapt to the changing times. Rethinking and reimagining the layout of your bathroom can potentially save you feet of precious floor space.

Showers or bathtubs can also be moved around to more functional spots within the bathroom. With some maneuvering, you can better access these bathroom staples with a new floor plan.

Using a company with easy access bathroom knowledge and expertise can help you decide the best way to plan out your bathroom for maximum space and practical usage.

5. Adding A Custom Shower

Next, consider replacing old or unused showers to take back some precious floor space. Many people don’t even need bathtubs in their homes, and many go unused for years. If this is the case, you should consider losing the tub or replacing it with something you actually want.

Finding a company that manufactures custom showers can help free up that bathroom floor space. Custom showers give you precisely what you want and can fulfill your personal needs. Bulky oversized showers take up a lot of room, so choosing a custom shower can dramatically change how your bathroom feels.

Let A Renowned Kansas City Bathroom Remodeling
Company Help You Find More Space

We know how valuable bathroom space is at Jericho Home Improvements, which is why we want to ensure you get it. A bathroom remodel is an excellent time to enact these changes and make more room for your busy life demands.

Our award-winning Kansas City company only offers high-quality materials installed by highly skilled professionals. We are voted one of Kansas City’s best remodeling companies, and our reputation speaks for itself!

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