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5 Quick Ideas To Get The Most Out Of Your Kitchen Storage Space When You Remodel

One of the most coveted things in any kitchen is… enough space! When you decide to move forward with a kitchen remodel, use it as an opportunity to increase the amount of storage space. No one ever regrets having enough space to stay organized.

Here are 5 ideas on how you can maximize your storage space:

Kitchen Island With Cabinets

The first thing you probably think of with a kitchen island is, “Great, more counter space!” And it’s true – a kitchen island adds more useable space for food prep or as a place to sit and eat. But a lot of people overlook that an island can also create a lot more useable storage space, if you choose one with under counter cabinets.

Open Shelving

As a place for cookbooks or to display dishes or just for decorative touches, open shelving is a great way to increase storage space. It’s also good for showing off some of the little touches that make your kitchen unique.

Walk-In Pantry

Not everyone is going to have the room for this. But with the help of a good designer, you can create a walk-in pantry. Imagine what this does for your overall kitchen storage space and how much better organized your food could be with a walk-in pantry! If you would like a free consultation with a professional designer, Contact Us.

Waste & Recycling Center Built Into Cabinets

Imagine not having to worry about where to place the garbage or recycling containers in your kitchen! If you add a pull-out waste center with separate bins for handling trash and recycling, you’ll never have to be concerned about it again. It’s convenient, efficient, and more attractive.

Pull Out Drawer Under Sink

Let’s face it… the storage area under most kitchen sinks is chaos! It’s hard to keep things organized when it is down so low and with plumbing to work around. Solve that problem by having a pull-out drawer installed under the sink. It’s so much easier to keep organized when you can pull everything out where you can see it.

Do you find these ideas intriguing? We’ve got more! Our professional designers at Jericho Home Improvements can help you. To discover more about our professional design services, click here. There’s a no-risk way to find out more about YOUR specific project. Let Jericho Home Improvements help you with every aspect of planning your kitchen remodel. To schedule a free consultation, Contact Us.

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