Gorgeous Design Styles For Kitchen Remodeling In Blue Springs, MO February 27, 2024 10:45 am Published by

Stunning Design Styles To Consider For Kitchen
Remodeling In Blue Springs, MO

Create A Gorgeous Kitchen That
You Will Enjoy For Years

The perfect design style for kitchen remodeling in Blue Springs, MO, will transform your kitchen into an elegant space for gathering.

Planning a kitchen remodel can be intimidating. There are endless options for countertops, cabinets, flooring, and even light fixtures. Choosing an overall style for your kitchen ahead of time helps tie together every element in the kitchen for jaw-dropping results.

Our incredible team at Jericho Home Improvements has the expertise to get all the details of your kitchen remodel just right. That’s why we’ve been named the top kitchen remodeler in the Kansas City Area. We’ll partner with you to pinpoint a style that brings your dream kitchen to life.

Classic Styles Never Go Wrong For Kitchen
Remodeling In Blue Springs, MO

Classic elegance is a timeless choice for any kitchen remodeling project.

Now, “classic” doesn’t mean you don’t get to put your own spin on the kitchen. If anything, a traditional kitchen design gives you the most room to express your personal style.

The hallmarks of a classic kitchen are high-quality materials, a refined look, and attention to detail. Many classic kitchens use warm tones for a homey feel.

The options for a classic kitchen are endless.

Consider incorporating luxurious granite countertops for a statement. They’ll give your kitchen an enduring touch of classic elegance.

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice for classic kitchens. It’s durable and sophisticated. Plus, there are various options for finishes to match any color palette.

Custom cabinetry is a fantastic way to update an older kitchen and add some storage without losing the classic charm. Customized cabinets always look incredible, and they add value to your kitchen. Our professional designers work with hundreds of homeowners looking for an updated kitchen with an elegant feel.

Kitchen Remodeling With A Modern Style In Mind Is
Perfect For An Open-Concept Floor Plan

Hoping to give your kitchen a clean and open look? Consider a modern style.

Modern design is becoming more and more popular. It’s characterized by an open feel, minimalism, and an emphasis on clean lines and natural finishes.

Modern kitchens are sophisticated and functional. If you like to cook, a modern kitchen gives you plenty of open space to prepare food.

During your kitchen remodel, focus on keeping things streamlined to achieve a modern look.

Usually, modern design focuses on a clean and clutter-free look, so creative storage solutions are key. Consider a custom island with cabinets underneath for out-of-the-way storage.

A natural color scheme is a good choice for a modern look. Black, white, and steel are common. Minimalistic steel hardware and faucets go well with modern appliances.

Want to make your modern kitchen feel a little cozier? Add texture.

Houseplants, a tile backsplash, and warm lighting all make a modern kitchen feel like home. You’ll be able to maintain the clean lines that define a modern style and still add some personality.

Consider Embracing Farmhouse Chic For Your
Blue Springs, MO, Kitchen Remodel

Sometimes, you walk into a kitchen and just immediately know there’s a full cookie jar somewhere in there.

That’s the ambiance you’ll get when you choose a rustic farmhouse style for your kitchen.

A farmhouse-style kitchen is warm, cozy, and down-to-earth.

When you’re planning a kitchen remodel with a farmhouse style, think about how to incorporate personal details. Add open shelving to showcase handmade pottery, favorite dishes, or vintage pieces.

Natural materials with a warm, earthy feel give your kitchen a lived-in feel. Wood cabinets, granite or quartz countertops, and warm lights are all good options.

A rustic kitchen embraces function. Add elements that fit your needs. Maybe you want a large island to prepare food or seat guests. Consider pot fillers or under-cabinet lighting to make cooking a breeze.

Whatever style you choose, our expert designers can help get the details figured out. Schedule your professional design consultation today.