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If you’ve been doing any research at all for bathroom remodeling, you’ve probably noticed there’s no shortage of advertisements, online articles, and magazine spreads. Of course, digesting all this information and then using it can be very challenging. There’s just too much to sort through.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide. Homeowners looking for a good source of information for a 2019 bathroom remodel in Kansas City will find this guide useful. Every key topic is covered, one-by-one, so you’ll know the most important things to focus on.

Here is your 2019 Guide To Bathroom Remodeling in Kansas City:

Topic 1: Choosing A Contractor That Is A Good Match For YOU.

The #1 most important factor in getting the bathroom remodeling results that you really love, is finding the right company. If you take the time to gather the facts about any Kansas City contractor you are considering, you can quickly separate the professionally run companies with great track record from those you can’t trust to deliver great results.

For example, not all bathroom remodeling companies offer professional design services for free – in fact, most don’t. Starting without a beautiful design means you can never be sure if you and your remodeler have the same vision for how the project will turn out. There is more about this topic below, and you can also visit our Professional Design Consultation page to learn more.

What else should you find out before selecting a Kansas City bathroom remodeling company? Here’s a few things you should ask:

  • Are they offering you a ton of references from prior projects, so you can check them out with past clients?
  • Are they rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Can they give you proof they are fully licensed and insured?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Have they gained any national recognition or awards?
  • How professional is there initial consultation with you?

Gather this information and you’ll quickly form an accurate picture of any company. This is the fact-based way to separate the best remodelers from the ‘guy and his truck’ contractors who typically don’t last very long and can’t guarantee their results.

Topic 2: Design 

Some Kansas City bathroom remodeling companies will tell you a professional design is not crucial for getting the best results on your project.

They’ll tell you they have it mapped out “in their head,” or they’ll rough out a sketch on a piece of paper. Others will try to sell you on some pre-made template.

Don’t let any company tell you a professional custom design is not needed!

Here’s what we do at Jericho Home Improvement: During your very first consultation, we create a professional design for you free of charge. We create it using our exclusive software and we can make immediate adjustments based on your feedback.

For a free professional design and consultation, Contact Us.

Topic 3: Selecting The Best Products & Materials

Here’s a simple and logical fact: if your remodeler uses mediocre or inferior materials, your final results are also going to be mediocre and inferior.

At Jericho Home Improvements we put a lot of emphasis on design and on the quality of our installers, but we also know that if you don’t have the right products, none of that will matter.

For a great bathroom remodel, you need all three: design, great products, and first-rate installation craftsmanship.

If you’re already ahead of the game and know the materials you want to use, that’s terrific. But if you want or need more advice, your remodeler should be able to help you. They should understand recent trends and be able to give you impartial information about materials and products so you can make the best decisions for your project.

Topic 4: The Quality Of The Installers 

One of the best questions you can ask any Kansas City bathroom remodeler is this: “will you use sub-contractors to install my new bathroom?”

We recommend avoiding any company that uses sub-contractors to do any significant portion of the work. That doesn’t mean all sub-contractors are always bad. But it is true that the ability to control the quality of the work is less than ideal. 

If sub-contractors are not the right answer, what is? The best solution is to have Master Installers that work directly for the remodeling company. Master Installers have proven experience, they’ve gone through a stringent hiring process, and they’ve proven they are able to meet the highest standards of workmanship and attention to detail.

For more about sub-contractors vs Master Installers, visit Our Workmanship page.

Topic 5: Know Who Is In Charge Of Communication

You probably already know that home improvement companies have a reputation for being stressful to deal with. There are very few homeowners who have not heard stories of nightmare contractor experiences – or maybe even had one or two terrible experiences themselves.

It’s a shame, because a lot of these horror stories wouldn’t have happened if the remodeling company did a better job of communicating and listening. With many Kansas City bathroom remodeling companies, there is often no single person in charge of the project, and this leads to huge accountability problems.

It also often means simple updates and issues are never communicated to the homeowner in a timely way.

There is a better way, however. Here’s how we make sure poor communication is not a problem at Jericho Home Improvements: we assign a specific project manager to every remodel. Your project manager keeps you in the loop on a consistent basis, so you’ll always know the status and timeline of your bathroom remodel. It also gives you someone you can ALWAYS turn to, to get your questions and concerns addressed quickly and appropriately.

Topic 6: 100% Money Back Guarantee

There’s one final thing to make sure of when you begin any Kansas City bathroom remodeling project: do you have a ‘safety net’ if things go wrong? No one likes to think about that possibility because it’s too painful to think about wasted money and time.

But it’s important to know you’re protected and that there is a guarantee in place that the results will be as promised.

At Jericho Home Improvements, we give you an amazing guarantee that other remodelers won’t: it’s our 100% Money Back Guarantee. Here’s what we promise: if something goes wrong with your home improvement project that cannot be fixed through reasonable measures, we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee – IN WRITING.

Get It Done In 2019 And Enjoy Your Beautiful New Bathroom

The great thing about thinking all these issues through ahead of time is that it makes getting a beautiful new bathroom much simpler. 2019 can be the year you makeover your tired, old bathroom and get something you absolutely love. Follow this guide and enjoy the results!Schedule your free consultation and quote. Contact Us.

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