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Kansas City homeowners who want to remodel their kitchen in 2019 have a lot of information available online, as well as in magazines and advertisements. But for an overwhelmed homeowner, sorting through this flood of information can be a tough task.

So, we’ve created this simple guide for anyone considering a kitchen remodel in Kansas City in 2019. The guide is broken down into each major category you need to think about as you plan out your project. 

Here is your 2019 Guide To Kitchen Remodeling in Kansas City:

Section 1: Finding The Right Contractor For YOU.

The single most important step for getting kitchen remodeling results that you absolutely love, is finding a contractor you have complete confidence in. The key is to find a proven Kansas City kitchen remodeler with a demonstrated track record of success. 

It’s also important that you find one that is the right match for your goals. For example, not all kitchen remodelers offer Kitchen Refinishing as an option. (Kitchen Refinishing is a way to update your kitchen for about 1/3 the price and in about 1/3 the time of a full-scale kitchen remodel). While it’s not the right choice for everyone, shouldn’t you at least have a choice? (To learn more about Kitchen Refinishing vs Remodeling, go here).

A remodeler should also be able to prove a great reputation to you. Some examples of what to look for: an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, tons of references from prior projects, in business for a decade or more, and proof of licensing and insurance. Also, be sure to ask about any national recognition they’ve received. Finally, you can get a real sense about a company from how professional their initial consultations are.

Once you’ve gathered all this information about a Kansas City kitchen remodeling company, you’ll have an accurate and factually-based way to separate the professionally-run companies, from the ‘guy and his truck’ contractors who typically don’t last very long and can’t guarantee their results.

Section 2: Design 

We can’t emphasize this enough: professional design is essential for results you’ll love.

If a kitchen remodeler tells you the design is “in his head,” or he shows you a rough sketch, those are red flags. Or if the remodeler seems to be working off a few set templates, that’s also a reason for concern.

As a point of comparison, here’s how we do it at Jericho Home Improvement. During your initial consultation, we create a professional design for you, free of charge – it’s done on our exclusive software.

To schedule a free consultation, including professional design, Contact Us.

Section 3: Material & Product Selection

You can have the best design and best installation in the world, but if you’re installing sub-standard materials, you’re going to get sub-standard results.

If you already have a good idea of the products and materials you want, that’s great. But your remodeler should be able to help you with great product suggestions. They should demonstrate thorough knowledge of what materials deliver superior performance and which manufacturers reliably stand behind their products.

Picking products should not be a “hard sell” by your remodeler; it should be a fun, collaborative action that gets you excited about how your kitchen is going to look and function.

Section 4: Installation 

The #1 piece of advice we can give you about installation is this: avoid any Kansas City kitchen remodeler that says they use sub-contractors.

Does that mean that all sub-contractors are bad? Of course not. But the plain fact is this: remodelers who hire Master Installers that work directly for the company are the best way to know that the work will be done right. That’s because the company has fully vetted these installers and can also hold them accountable to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Master Installers who work directly for the company are quite simply going to be more accountable for their work. 

It also greatly eliminates the delays that can occur with sub-contractors. It is not uncommon at all that your project gets held up while a sub-contractor finishes up a job for another company. 

For more about sub-contractors vs Master Installers, visit Our Workmanship page.

Section 5: Communication

Did you know that home improvement is the #1 most complained about industry with the BBB? It’s true.

And so many of these complaints and problems could be avoided if remodeling companies were better at communication. Too many times a homeowner is either ignored or doesn’t have a ‘go-to’ person they can go to for accountability. 

There’s also the simple failure of a remodeler failing to keep a homeowner updated appropriately – it happens more than you’d think!

Here’s what we do at Jericho Home Improvements: we assign a specific project manager to every remodel. There’s no question who to turn to and there’s no question about who will be keeping you fully informed and updated on the progress of your new kitchen.

Section 6: 100% Money Back Guarantee

Okay, but what if something goes wrong on your kitchen remodeling project? It’s not something homeowners like to consider – it just sounds too painful after investing all that money and time. But it’s not too much to ask that you be given some peace of mind if a Kansas City kitchen remodeling company lets you down.

At Jericho Home Improvements, we do give you that peace of mind: if something goes wrong with your home improvement project that cannot be fixed through reasonable measures, we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee – IN WRITING.

The Final Step: Enjoying Your New Kitchen

Once you navigate through the process using this guide, you’ll end up with a beautiful new kitchen you love in 2019. Don’t settle for something mediocre; go for what you really want and then you’ll enjoy and love the results every day.Do you have more questions we can answer? We encourage you to ask us anything or schedule your free consultation. Contact Us.

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