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Whether you are considering a bathtub remodel, a new build or are just interested in current trends, we have the best bathtub and shower trends for you. And before you move forward with a remodel or a new build, you probably need to think about bathroom contractors in Richmond, MO. Jericho Home Improvement is here to help you explore these trends and decide which is best for your home and your lifestyle.

One hot trend for creating a spa-like bathroom is to install a luxurious infinity tub. Think of a traditional infinity swimming pool with an overflowing edge. An infinity tub works much the same. The extra deep and beautifully designed tub overflows a specially designed lip into a resivor that catches the overflow, preventing water waste.

Another exciting trend for bathrooms is the use of a salvaged, repurposed shower door. Using a steel window frame from an old factory, for example, is a great decorative piece when it overlays a traditional glass shower door. It creates a look that is both industrial and upscale at the same time. It’s also an eco-conscious choice. Ask the professional bathroom contractors of Richmond, MO at Jericho Home Improvement about their ideas for incorporating a unique, repurposed piece in your bathroom.

Another gorgeous trend for bathtubs currently is the installation of the freestanding tub. No longer does your tub have to be tucked away in a corner where, admittedly, it does take up less square footage. Rather, let a large beautiful freestanding tub become the focal point of your gorgeous bathroom. This option works best if you have a relatively large bathroom and you should choose a tub that matches the style of your bathroom, whether you are looking at a remodel or a new build.

There are so many exciting and beautiful bathroom trends to choose from. At Jericho Home Improvement, bathroom contractors in Richmond, MO, you can find all the bathroom trends that are best for your home.