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The key to remodeling results you’ll love is finding the exact right kitchen & bath remodeling company in Kansas City.

Choosing the right one becomes much easier and faster when you know the best ways to research kitchen and bath contractors.

Homeowner’s Quick Guide To Researching Kitchen & Bath Contractors

Many times homeowners think they need to sort through a ton of information to find the right remodeling company. The truth is that by focusing on a few key points, you can find out what you need to know pretty quickly. Use this handy checklist guide to focus on what really matters:

1. Length of time in business.

If the answer is anything over 10 years, it is a good sign of stability. You need more than that to be a great company, but it is the right start. 

2. How big is the remodeling company?

Just because a company is big, doesn’t automatically mean it’s better. But the bigger a company it is, the more resources it has. If you’ve got one guy and his truck and he hires a few sub-contractors to help, that’s not really a comprehensive team ready to serve you.  A large company has specialized experts in all the right roles. 

For example, a great kitchen and bath contractor will have designers and offer you free professional design services. To learn more about that, go here.

3. How many references can they give you?

A good answer is 100 or more. You might be thinking – “I’ll never call 100 people.” Of course not. But if you have a list of at least 100 recent remodeling jobs from a contractor, they’ll know you can call anyone on the list. 

That means the remodeling company can’t just pick a small handful of projects they did well. Always ask for a lot of references. A company willing to give you lots of them is a kitchen and bath contractor that is confident in the work they do.

4. Always ask for their Better Business Bureau rating.

This one is pretty simple: never do business with any kitchen or bath contractor with less than an A+ rating. You can read more about Better Business Bureau ratings by going here.

5. Ask if they use sub-contractors.

The quality of sub-contractor work can be inconsistent. This is because it is much harder for any remodeling company to control the quality of the work being done with sub-contractors – they don’t work directly for the business.

The best work is done by Master Installers who are employed directly by the kitchen and bath contractor. This means they are qualified experts who are accountable for the quality of the work they do.

6. Check out the remodeling company’s website.

A good website will give you a treasure trove of information about any remodeler. The website should give a clear and specific reason why to choose them and be able to tell you real facts about their reputation. The look and quality of the website is also a good indicator of the quality and professionalism of the company.

Use this handy guide as the best way to research kitchen and bath contractors and you’ll end up with awesome kitchen and bath results you’ll love.Find out more about us and why we are the biggest and best kitchen and bath remodeler in the Kansas City area. Contact Us.

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