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The Dangers Of Picking A ‘Fly-By-Night’ Contractor

Out $10,000… And Left With An ABSOLUTE MESS.


Bill & Donna S. | Bathroom Remodel In Overland Park


Many homeowners think the ‘bad old days’ of fly-by-night contractors are over. Or they think, “it won’t happen to me.”

But there are still unscrupulous remodeling contractors out there that DO take people’s money and then leave them with a complete disaster.

That’s unfortunately what happened to these homeowners in Overland Park when they wanted to remodel a bathroom. They were quoted a price of $20,000 by the original contractor, and then were asked to pay ½ up front.

They shelled out $10,000, and here’s what they got: the contractor showed up for 2 days and did a partial demolition (and didn’t even do a good job of that!). Then he disappeared, and no matter how many phone calls the clients made, they were never able to get him to come back. He had no physical office and he disappeared, leaving them $10,000 poorer.

They were so upset with this situation, they waited a year before trying again. They had to live with what this contractor did for a year!

They eventually contacted Jericho Home Improvements. We quoted them a fair price for the work, and they knew they had found a reliable remodeler this time with a proven track record and a physical location. The fact that Jericho is the biggest and best remodeling company in Kansas City is peace of mind for our clients.





Buyer Beware: How To Avoid Getting Scammed:

  • Choose a remodeling company with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Choose to do business with a company that has an actual physical location and avoid those guys who use a truck and mobile phone and call it their office
  • Can your remodeler prove they are the ‘real deal’? You want to find a remodeling company in business for at least a decade with hundreds of jobs completed.
  • Does your remodeling company have a real team: design consultants, project managers, Master Installers, etc.? Or is it just a guy throwing together whatever temporary sub-contractors he can find?



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