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Our Brand Ambassadors Seek The Real Answers
That Other Remodelers Don’t Want To Hear

It’s More Than Ensuring You’re Fully Satisfied –
It’s About Quality Control At The Highest Level

What measures do kitchen and bath remodelers in Kansas City need to take to ensure their work is not only 100% satisfactory but rock-solid and error-free?

Well… they need to perform a thorough final inspection, for starters. But beware of these so-called “inspections” that are nothing more than a dog and pony show.

Many kitchen and bath contractors will try to pass their final inspections off as being thorough. But usually, they’re simply going through the motions. That’s it. No desire to make you 110% satisfied. And most certainly, no desire to learn what they could improve on.

One such post-inspection survey these contractors love to dish out is the “Guild Quality” survey. While the Guild Quality survey has some authority and can indicate a contractor’s pros and cons, it generally falls short of painting the whole picture.

Customer satisfaction surveys like this can be limited in their ability to understand a customer’s authentic feelings about their kitchen or bathroom remodel. This is because surveys typically rely on self-reported data, with a simple tally of numbers indicating satisfaction.

So what steps can a remodeler take to know they’re getting the whole truth and nothing but the truth to improve their business?

A Paper Survey Alone Is Impersonal –
So We Do Things Face To Face

A Kansas City kitchen and bath remodeler who’s upfront, honest, and goes the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction is a rare find.

That’s why at Jericho Home Improvements, we’re about more than just a paper survey. We’re about the tried-and-tested face-to-face meeting way of doing things.

We need to know you’re 110% satisfied and, if not, what we could improve upon – even the most minor details. And to know that, we need to hear from you in person. We want you to express all of your feelings about your remodel – from the praiseworthy to the problematic.

How many other Kansas City kitchen and bath remodelers are willing to do that?

Not many.

They’d rather hide behind a piece of paper, using a simple tallied formula generated from general questions so they can say, “See? You can trust us!”

Our dedicated Brand Ambassadors go far beyond this. They conduct our surveys face-to-face – being the diplomats of our business, so to speak.

They relish building a real, human connection – taking the time to actually listen to your thoughts and feelings regarding your recent remodel with us. It’s the only way to delve into the nuance behind the numbers.

They take everything you say, express, and feel about your remodel and relay it to our Project Managers and Master Craftsmen, who hold regular meetings to discuss what to keep doing and what to keep improving upon.

We Tackle Hiccups Headon

After decades in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling space, we know that some issues can’t be avoided. And while some might disagree with us, we believe minor issues can sometimes lead to beneficial outcomes.

A contractor can either ignore the little things or proactively take steps to correct them and improve as a business.

With our Brand Ambassadors providing us with deeply personal and specific feedback, we’ve honed in on the “self-improvement” process like a heat-seeking missile.

Whenever an unexpected situation arises, we always address it at our:

  • Once-weekly executive problem-solving meetings.
  • Once monthly Master Craftsmen meetings.
  • If necessary, one-off meetings for more pressing matters.

As a homeowner who works with Jericho Home Improvements, you are the lucky recipient of years of our process constantly improving.

And the best part about our Brand Ambassador outreach?

It’s all in addition to our standard operating procedure of our Project Managers’ thorough post-completion inspection.

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to the unwavering success of your remodel.

True Satisfaction, Never Left To Chance

Are you ready to begin work on the best kitchen or bathroom remodel money can buy for your Kansas City Home – all brought to you by a fantastic crew of Master Craftsmen, Project Managers, and Brand Ambassadors?

Then call Jericho Home Improvements at (913) 308-0344 or visit us online to get your free quote today!