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Don’t waste time, headspace or money: get to the important point.

Hi, we’re Jericho Home Improvement – serving Kansas City homeowners for years, we’ve got thousands of successfully completed kitchen remodels under our belts.

One of the absolute first steps in the process which helps to bring many other variables together in harmony for you, or at least with more focus, is to ask yourself this question:

“Do I need a full kitchen remodel (can I afford it right now), or, is a kitchen refinish a far more viable way to go?”

If you’re like most folks, you might not know what a kitchen refinish is, so let’s address that first, then in relation look at a typical full kitchen remodel framework. That way you’ll get a great bird’s eye view.


Should you hop onto your favorite internet search engine and look for information around the  ‘kitchen refinish’ keyword, here’s what’s going to happen – you’re going to be bombarded with nothing but content about kitchen cabinet refinishing or refacing.

That’s part of what we do with a kitchen refinish, but just one.

A Kitchen Refinish According to Jericho Home Improvement

Firstly, it is NOT a ‘cheaper-looking version of a full remodel’ by any stretch of the imagination. That’s not it at all. In fact, if you were to visit our kitchen remodeling gallery would you know which is which between the two?

  • We’re going to do much more than simply make the cabinets look nice!
  • Think of it like a professional, ultra-fabulous refacing in 1/3rd the time and at 1/3rd the cost of a full comprehensive kitchen remodel.
  • It’s not a cheap touch up, but a streamlined and more selective transformation.

When a Kitchen Refinish Is Appropriate

Your budget obviously plays a role. If you want a full kitchen remodel of every nook and cranny with a new layout… but can’t afford it and don’t want to take on debt, then that’s that.

Other considerations include:

  • You may not desire any serious layout changes, or anything that requires demolition.
  • The cabinets themselves may be in perfectly fine working order, and not need replacing.
  • The majority of the out-of-sight kitchen is also in good working order.

While that’s only a partial list, in other words you may not need or desire a full kitchen remodel…BUT…it’s time for a high-quality makeover.

Let’s take a brief look at what that could look like.

What You Get In a Typical Kitchen Refinish

You don’t want a new sectional island. You don’t want a new set of modern cabinetry. You don’t want to add a new pantry space, or perhaps a kitchen exit/entry.

Here’s a good framework for the typical refinish.

  • We will completely, and utterly, change the LOOK of your cabinets without replacing.
  • You’ll get gorgeous new countertops with quality granite, quartz, and marble options.
  • If your kitchen has wood flooring, we’ll completely refinish that as well for big impact.
  • Along with the new countertops, we’ll add a custom and beautiful new tile backsplash.
  • Address other cosmetic changes, perhaps updating fixtures, small replacements, etc.

A whole lot more going on there than just cabinets!

As we go over the full kitchen remodel next, you’ll see why this kind of framework takes us a third of the time and costs a third of the price. There’s only a third of the work, but it has a huge impact to the point it feels like a brand new remodeled kitchen.

A Typical Full Kitchen Remodel Framework

Each of our kitchen remodels is unique because by necessity they’re customized for individual homeowners like you. Listen, if you want something ‘high-brow cookie cutter’ we’re not going to argue. On the other hand, we’re not going to try and pressure you into something extravagant and gaudy either.

Here is a list of what’s most often included in our full kitchen remodeling:

  • Completely new, professionally-designed layout to comprehensively fit needs & desires.
  • New, modern-custom kitchen cabinetry that comes in a variety of woods & finishes.
  • Custom-designed and built kitchen island(s), to accentuate and increase functionality.
  • The brand new countertops of granite, quartz and marble.
  • Getting into the thick of it with kitchen flooring – tile, hardwood, and laminate options.
  • New plumbing amenities like faucets, pot fillers, prep sinks, hot water dispensers, etc.
  • Custom-made and beautiful under-cabinet, over-cabinet and interior lighting throughout.

You should pretty clearly be able to see how they relate to one another now, and why one doesn’t take as much elbow grease, time, and money. On the flipside, full remodels are just that – taking into account the entire kitchen space, all its components, and how it relates to other connected spaces.

In Kansas City? Contact Jericho Today

Frameworks aside, if you’re ready to sit down with a genuine professional and see what YOUR personalized options are, contact our office today. Most other Kansas City kitchen remodelers don’t offer refinish work, so calling us is an incredibly effective way at exploring all your choices.

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