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When it’s time to update your kitchen and give it a new refreshing take on life, one of the core decisions you’ll make is whether to invest in a complete remodel or a streamlined refinish.

What is Kitchen Refinishing, and what does it entail?

Ultimately, it depends on the contractor or home improvement company you work with. 

Here in the Greater Kansas City area of the country, we do a ton of both — we’re Jericho Home Improvements.

To give you an idea, along with addressing your wood flooring, refinishing projects often include: 

  • Completely Changing The Exterior Look Of Your Cabinets Without Replacing Them.
  • Installing New Countertops; We Specialize In Granite Countertops
  • Designing & Installing A New Tile Backsplash To Go With Your New Countertops.
  • A Variety Of Other Cosmetic Changes, Fixture Updates, And Replacements.

Why Wood Floor Refinishing, Specifically?

Jericho Kitchen

Because there are long-established, very effective ways to make your aged, scratch-up, and shabby wood flooring look completely brand new. Not just polished, but like you’ve had completely fresh wood installed. 

With tile, it’s not that simple because of all the grout involved. Sure, there are ways to refinish tile flooring, but most refinishing budgets are geared towards less demolition and less new unique construction. 

Speaking of which…

It’s Cheaper To Refinish Hardwood Floors

Beautiful Kitchen by Jericho

As you can imagine, completing an entire floor refinish is FAR less expensive than what we need to rip out the old and install the new. 

The only exception would be wood flooring in SUCH bad shape (for example, cracking that goes all the way through large sections). In this case, repair & refinishing would be the bigger expenditure. 

How Does That Compare To A Full Kitchen Remodel?

When you start looking at the prospect of Full Kitchen Remodeling, a simple refinished wood floor is usually less viable. 


Because often, full remodels include reconfiguring the layout or space of the kitchen, which can necessitate changes to the flooring. We might be knocking walls down. We might be moving the cabinet countertops around. We may be adding an island, or perhaps a new pantry, etc. 

Like any other talented and reputable St. Louis Home Remodeling company, we don’t try and force our customers into cookie-cutter, pre-chosen, everyday layouts. Instead, remodels tend to transform the space per your tastes, desires, habits, and lifestyle. 

Also, with complete remodeling, you may be changing the material of the kitchen flooring altogether. You may want to switch to tile. Or, you may opt to go with a new laminate option. 

Next Step: In The St. Louis Area? Give Jericho A Call

Because of the many moving parts and complexities involved in kitchen remodeling and refinishing, you want to talk with a company with an excellent reputation, an extensive kitchen gallery of past projects for you to browse. Plus, you’ll get to check out our genuine customer reviews!

At Jericho, we’re a member of Guild Quality, and between 2014-2021 alone, we received 1600+ positive reviews with a 91% approval rating. Whether it’s refinishing your wood floors or a top-to-bottom overhaul, Give Us A Call Today, and let’s chat about your kitchen, your ideas, your goals, and explore the possibilities.

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