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Invest In Your Home By Remodeling Your Kitchen & Bathroom

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom can add tremendous value to your home. So, don’t think of your remodeling project as a purchase – think of it as an investment.

Here’s What Some Realtors Have To Say About The Value Of A Newly Remodeled Kitchen Or Bathroom

Remodeled Kitchens And Bathrooms Have BIG Returns

“In my experience of 13 years as a real estate agent, I have sold hundreds of homes. And very often I have seen big returns coming back for the sellers as they’re renovating their kitchens and their bathrooms, and doing these things that really really appeal to the buyers. 

We’ve seen multiple clients who have gone into a situation where they’re looking to sell their house. After having a conversation with me or consulting with me, they’ve decided to remodel a bathroom that was in pretty rough shape or a kitchen that was pretty ugly. 

After remodeling, they don’t have to worry about repairs being requested by buyers. A lot of times buyers will come in and if they see that work needs to be done they’ll ask for some kind of a concession or they may skip the house altogether and go to something more turnkey that will allow them to move in and enjoy it from day one.

Buying a house can be one of the greatest experiences someone has and it can be one of the worst. It can  be a complete nightmare. Very often, we’ll find what determines that based on the inspections.

I have seen remodel jobs that have cost less from one contractor to the next but in the long run have ended up costing the clients more money because it wasn’t done correctly. And very often buyers are doing a lot of research, they’re getting home inspections done and they can find out how good of a quality job that is. If a buyer can come in knowing that he’s not going to have to worry about that – that he can move in and day one start enjoying that house, very often that’s a very appealing situation for them.”

  – Cameron, Listing Specialist

Remodeled Homes Sell FASTER & At A HIGHER Price Point

“Homes with remodeled kitchens and bathrooms are oftentimes going to sell faster and at a higher dollar value than a home that’s not remodeled.

Selling your home is quite an inconvenience. You have to open your home to strangers to come in and tour it. The advantage of having your kitchen and bathrooms remodeled – especially by a professional –  is that not only is it going to show better and sell faster, but during the inspection process those items have been installed correctly, and you’re going to have less issues come up during the inspection period.

In my experience, a home with an updated kitchen and bathroom is going to sell faster and at a higher price point than a comparable home that has not been updated, with less time on the market.”

– Linda, Buyer Specialist

People Are More Likely To Buy Homes With Updated Kitchens & Bathrooms

“I think it’s a big advantage to do renovations in the kitchen and bathroom now, just so that you can enjoy it, your family can enjoy it and it’s almost a peace of mind. 

Always work with qualified people because they are working with those projects every day. They know the updated materials. They know how to get the permits. They know what needs to be done in emergency situations.

When you have a home with an updated kitchen and bathrooms people know that you’ve taken care of your home, so they’re more likely to buy that home over another home that isn’t in good quality condition.”

– Sandy, Investment Specialist

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