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As 2017 continues to progress, designers are seeing dynamic new styles take over. The understated accents of past years have given way to bolder features. Here are a few of the top trends in home remodeling for Lawrence, MO.

Farmhouse for Your House

The farmhouse modern style continues to emerge as the contemporary design. It exemplifies America’s farming past meeting its modern identity as a technological powerhouse. Classic, simple features such as farmhouse sinks, wide wooden floorboards, and natural-looking cabinets meet modernized industrial elementsincluding cutting-edge appliances and stainless steel fixtures. The overall look combines state-of-the-art convenience with rustic charm.

Luxury Bathrooms

As the economy continues to improve, home remodeling in Lawrence, MO is seeing homeowners move away from tight, functional spaces to more luxurious rooms. Powder rooms are being remodeled to provide visual impact with dynamic colors and lighting. Many people want spa amenities without having the leave their home. Luxury bathroomsare including deep, soaking tubs and steam showers to give you all the relaxation without the expensive spa visits.

Curved Lines

Nothing typifies thinking outside the box like moving away from boxy lines. Home designers are increasing the wow factor of rooms by including curves in their styles. Taking away the sharp edges of a space gives a softer, more inviting look. The luxury factor here is off the charts; rounding corners has long been the sole purview of enormous mansions. But the best part of using circular elements in design is the creative way it can delineate space in a room. Platforms, wet and dry areas, and material changes can all be highlighted by throwing your style for a curve.

Part of the fun of home remodeling in Lawrence, MO is really getting creative with your choices. Hopefully these trends have helped to inspire a few ideas of your own. It looks like 2017 will be a year of bold decisions and unique looks, so don’t be afraid to create a few of your own.