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5 Ways Professional Bathroom Design Adds
Value To Your Kansas Home

A Professional Bathroom Design Pays Itself Off
In More Ways Than One

Have you been considering a professional bathroom design for your Kansas home? If you find yourself flipping through magazines and clicking through Pinterest, gathering ideas and inspiration, it’s time to get started with a bathroom remodel.

Though these dreams can be completely realistic and doable, many homeowners believe they can make their bathroom remodel a DIY project. Even though learning through Youtube videos how to install a new shower or vanity may be appealing, it can lead more headaches and more unnecessary spending.

Here are five reasons why using a professional bathroom design company can help you get the beautiful results you intended.


1. A New Design Needs New Eyes 

It’s easy to fall into the same thought patterns regarding bathroom design – the tub goes there, and the sink goes there. Letting a professional bathroom design company come in and reimagine the space can be the best thing you do for your bathroom remodel.

We tend to get stuck in our ways, leaving little room for creativity to permeate our new space. Getting a fresh pair of eyes on the design comes with new possible concepts, layouts, and styles. A professional bathroom designer can visualize things you never even considered.

A new bathroom is a perfect place to refresh your home and bring new life. If you’re going to invest in a bathroom remodel, why not hire a professional who can completely revamp and upgrade your style? This refresh could be precisely what you need to help you fall in love with your home again.

2. Professional Designers Are Trained In Their Craft 

Not only are you bringing in a pair of new eyes, but you’re allowing a true professional to work their magic. Experienced design consultants are specifically trained in what they do. For instance, our bathroom designers know everything from layout to practical mechanics, ensuring our customers get a beautiful yet functional bathroom.

Professionals know what will and won’t work, preventing you from making severe mistakes or causing more work later. Besides being highly trained, design consultants have experience – something their customers can tap for inspiration and peace of mind.

Tried and true techniques are hard to come by, but the pros know what those are, saving you from having to figure it out yourself and delivering you the exact bathroom you want.

3. Allows For Custom Fittings 

Not all premade bathroom fixtures, like vanities, tubs, and showers, are one size fits all. Individual bathrooms come with unique needs and deserve specific attention to meet their needs.

We understand that a shower that works great in one home may not work in another. This is why we offer custom-made showers. Custom design considers all aspects of a bathroom remodel, ensuring you get the most practical layout without the limitations of pre-made fixtures.

Custom-built fixtures allow you the freedom of creativity and practicality without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. With customization, you can choose what you want and where you want it, from multiple shower heads to specific tile work to added benches.

4. Using Pros Comes With Peace Of Mind 

Attempting to design and remodel your own bathroom comes with its risks, such as improper installation or tacky, miscalculated design. Besides lacking a professional take on the design aspect, it can be extremely costly and frustrating when attempting to install the main fixtures, such as the tub, shower, and vanity.

Professional installers can ensure your shower and tub are installed correctly, preventing any future flooding, moisture problems, and lousy tile work. Dealing with plumbing and electric work can be serious business, so it’s always best to hire pros for those jobs.

Using professional bathroom designers also typically comes with warranties or guarantees based on the company. At Jericho Home Improvements, we’re so sure of our work that it all comes guaranteed, letting you rest easy.

5. You’ll See Your Money Back – Hands Down 

The national average return on investment for bathroom remodels is staggering – most homeowners see upwards of 70% back. When you invest in a professional bathroom remodel, you’ll likely see most of your money back when you go to sell. One of the first things potential homebuyers look for in a new home is the status of the kitchens and bathrooms.

A bathroom design can make or break a home sale. If the bathroom design is unappealing and impractically designed, a buyer can be completely turned off to the whole house. When you hire a professional bathroom design team, you invest in a certain quality of life and your future.

Our Kansas City Bathroom Remodels Always Come With
Free Design Consultation

We don’t take bathroom design lightly at Jericho Home Improvements because we know how crucial it is to have a comfortable and functional place of relaxation. When you hire our professionals, you’re getting the best service around.

Our free bathroom design consultation ensures you start your remodel on the right track!

Contact us today for a free bathroom design and remodel quote, or call us at (913) 308-0111 to get started.

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