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The WRONG Way To Shop For Granite Countertops In KC…

And What To Do Instead.

If you’re going to make the investment in beautiful new granite countertops, is it too much to ask that you know EXACTLY what it looks like before you agree to have it installed?

We don’t think so.

But the way many granite countertop installers make you shop for the granite, it turns your purchase into a roll of the dice.

To understand what we mean, first you need to know a little background about what granite is like.


Remember That Granite Is A Natural Product

Unlike most remodeling products that are artificially made and can be manufactured to exact color and design specifications, granite is a naturally occurring rock that comes from the earth.

While that is likely obvious to you, what might not be as obvious is what that means in terms of appearance variation within granite. Granite is dug out of the earth in large slabs, and there can be a lot of variation in color, veining, and brightness even within those same slabs. And here is where the trouble comes in…


Many Granite Countertop Decisions Are Made Based On A TINY Sample – And That’s A BIG Problem

Many people selling and installing granite countertops in the Kansas City area are only showing their customers small samples of the granite to be installed. These are little things about 5 inches square.

There is no way to guarantee that the sample is truly representative of the actual granite that will show up to be installed in your kitchen or bathroom. How light or dark it is, how much veining there is, the coloring – all this can be wildly different from the sample.

Another way that granite is categorized that can be misleading is by giving it a name (often based on the quarry location/name). So it’s sometimes presented to the homeowner as if all the granite under this name will look the same. It won’t! Remember, this is natural rock – there is always variation.

This means that if you are shopping for a granite countertop based on a tiny sample or a specific granite name, there’s a good chance you will be unpleasantly surprised by how much different the actual granite is when it arrives to be installed.


Is There A Better Way To Shop For Granite Countertops?

The good news is you don’t have to guess at what your granite countertop will look like if you shop with Jericho Home Improvements. 

That’s because every single one of our clients gets an appointment to pick out the EXACT granite material that will be installed in your home. You’ll be able to see and touch it, and what you pick out won’t be a sample, it will be the granite we actually come to your home to install.

Our way is the only way to be absolutely sure of what you are getting in terms of color, pattern, veining, and brightness. It really is the risk-free way to shop for granite countertops.


And Here’s Something To Know If You’re Shopping For A Granite Countertop For Your Bathroom (Money Saving Tip!)

If you shop with Jericho for a bathroom granite countertop, you need to check out our remnants.

Since most bathroom countertops require a smaller amount of material, a remnant from a kitchen countertop will often be big enough. The quality matches our usual high standards and these smaller pieces can be had at incredible discounts.

Plus, since we are one of the busiest kitchen remodelers in Kansas City, our remnants are available in an amazing variety of choices that changes constantly. You’ll be able to easily find a piece that fits your style and save money in the bargain. Our customers love all the options! 


Remember, Don’t Shop From A Sample! 

Whether you end up choosing Jericho Home Improvements for your granite countertop project or not, we strongly recommend only buying once you’ve seen the actual granite that will be installed in your home – don’t shop from a sample or a picture.

If you’d like to schedule a time to talk about your granite countertop project, reach out to us and get it scheduled.

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