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Instead Of Looking For Ways To Cut Costs, We Look For Ways To Maintain Our Impeccable Standards

At Jericho, we have ONE focus – providing our customers with superior quality materials and preserving our impeccable standards. We don’t ever look for ways to cut corners, shave off a dollar here, or scrimp on a dollar there – because that would compromise our perfectionistic standards. 

Prices of products and materials are on the rise, and many remodelers are scrambling to find any areas to cut costs – but not Jericho. It is important for us to maintain our standards–despite having to pay more to do so. In other words, our motto is “Quality No Matter What!”

Let me give you a few  examples of how we prioritize quality OVER saving a buck.

High Quality Fixtures

There are fixtures that do an ok job… and there are fixtures that do the job right. At Jericho, we insist on ONLY using top quality fixtures that are made well, last forever, and look gorgeous. 

Take our Moen faucets, for example. Other contractors are willing to cut costs by using flimsy faucets with internal plastic fittings. Moen faucets are all metal with brass fittings–they literally outweigh the cheap ones by 3 to 8 pounds each! If you want your fixtures to look great and last forever, you simply have to use the higher quality product… like we do here at Jericho.

Water-Resistant Tile Grout

Most remodelers choose to save money by purchasing sand-based tile grout and call it a day, but Jericho insists on investing extra money into a far-superior product: acrylic-based tile grout. It costs 8 to 10 times more, but we pay extra for good reason:

Why we REFUSE to use industry-standard sand-based grout: 

  • It’s NOT water resistant. This means that moisture wicks right through it and creates the ideal habitat for mold and mildew – everything you DON’T want in your kitchen and bathroom. 
  • It’s also NOT stain resistant. Evidence of the plate of spaghetti you dropped on the floor will be there FOREVER. 
  • Sand-based grout will NEVER look pristine. You can scrub it furiously with a toothbrush, but within 5 to 6 years it will look grimy and old.
  • It’s not flexible. Over time hairline fractures develop which allow even more water to penetrate the grout.
  • It’s high-maintenance. Sand-based grout needs to be sealed once a year – but who actually does that?

Why we ONLY use acrylic-based grout instead: 

  • It’s 100% waterproof – say goodbye and good riddance to mold, rot, and mildew.
  • It’s 100% stain-proof. Wipe away a spill – even a month later – and it’s like it NEVER happened. 
  • It has a LIFETIME guarantee. It can withstand the test of time because it’s supposed to last forever.
  • It comes in 30 different colors.
  • It’s flexible. It moves with your house instead of cracking.
  • NO upkeep necessary. 

Better Backer Boards

Unless you’re in the remodeling industry, you probably never thought about what kind of boards are behind your tiled walls. Here’s why you absolutely should care what your remodeler is putting up behind your walls. 

Many remodelers use drywall –even with building material price increases, it’s by far the CHEAPEST option. But there’s one problem: it absorbs water. Other remodelers spend 50% more for Greenboard – but that STILL absorbs water. 

What doesn’t absorb water? A product called Densshield – it’s a silicone-based product with fiberglass coating.. But only 10% of remodelers use this product because it costs about FOUR TIMES more than the absorbent products. For a typical bathroom, that could mean a few hundred dollars in added cost just for the backer boards… but in our opinion, that’s money well spent.  

BOTTOM LINE: Unlike the vast majority of remodelers, Jericho spends more money on quality backer boards so that you don’t EVER have to deal with mold, mildew, fungus, and rotted walls. 

Jericho Doesn’t EVER Cut Corners

As prices continue to climb upward, it’s understandable that remodelers everywhere are trying to save a buck any way they can. But your kitchen and bathroom will always feel the pinch.

That’s why, at Jericho, we’re determined to maintain the SAME high-quality remodeling despite rising industry pricing. 

The durability and beauty of your kitchen and bathroom is our TOP priority – always. 

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