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How To Build A Stunning Shower Room In Your Kansas City Bathroom

First Things First: Lay Out Your Design Desires With A Mood Board!

A bathroom remodeling project can be an extremely daunting task for Kansas City homeowners. With all of the choices in colors, materials, design patterns, lighting, and other considerations – it can get overwhelming fast!

With styles and trends moving at the speed of light and seemingly faster and faster with each passing year, you want to be sure to invest in design choices that will outlive your investment. Sound stressful?

No need to fret. We will lay out some essential tips and tricks for how you can effectively choose the right design choices for your Kansas City home’s bathroom shower room while also giving you a little inspiration along the way!

Spoiler alert: this is going to take some creativity on your part!

Use A Bathroom Design Mood Board To Organize Your Imagination

Let’s be honest – There are a lot of design options out there. And there are a lot of ways to design with those options. Will your new bathroom design have a certain color palette? Will it be modern? Reminiscent of a certain time era? Or be a little of both?

When choosing the overall design for the shower of your bathroom design in Kansas City, it may help to make a mood board. A mood board for your bathroom design can serve as a jumping-off point for inspiration.

A mood board is a digital or physical board where you can drag and drop or post your ideas for materials, color schemes, and general inspirations you have for your bathroom design.

How To Format Your Bathroom Design Mood Board 

Using a simple drag-and-drop graphic design program, like Canva, for example, can easily lay out your remodeling ideas on a blank page. 

Things to consider when laying out your mood board for your bathroom design might be:

  • Photo samples of your desired wall tile
  • Photo samples of your desired shower pan
  • An overall image that serves as the final product

Assort these images with descriptions underneath each image specifying where you would want to install such materials to help you categorize better. 

For the average homeowner who may not be a designer, this will help organize the initial design phase before the bathroom installation. 

Next Up: Choose A Color Scheme For Your Kansas City Bathroom Design

A simple search on the internet along the lines of “color scheme ideas” will give you inspiration as to what colors to use. Choose a scheme with 4-5 colors and go with it! Make sure to include this color scheme in your mood board when selecting the tile samples for your Kansas City bathroom design project. 

Also, consider using Adobe’s color picker wheel, which can be found online. It will give you monochromatic, triad, complementary, and other color ideas with no limits! 

Finally, don’t be afraid to make multiple mood boards with different color schemes and materials for your bathroom design.

You’ve Narrowed Down Your Design Ideas…Now What?

Now comes the part where you will need to contact a bathroom design contractor in Kansas City to actualize your shower room.

It’s one thing to be your creative spirit, designing amazing mood boards and such, but now it’s time to put the pedal to the metal. 

A quality and reputable bath contractor in Kansas City is essential to realizing your dream bathroom. 

Too often, Kansas City homeowners have an idea of what they want in their dream bathroom but making it a reality is another challenge.

From quirks with their current bathroom structure, materials, and build quality, a lot goes into making your dream shower room a reality.

After you compile your design ideas, you will want to reach out to a reputable bathroom design contractor in Kansas City for a quote. You will also want to begin the process of getting additional input on your design choices from these professionals. 

Make sure your contractor of interest also has case studies! This is vitally important!

While you are ultimately the master of your new bathroom and shower room design, correct collaboration is a part of the creativity and success of your Kansas City bath design project!

Designing A Stunning Bathroom And Shower Room: A Summary

  1. Start from a blank slate.
  2. Lay out some desired materials and color schemes on your mood board(s).
  3. Once you’ve narrowed it down, collaborate on your creativity with a trusted bathroom design contractor in Kansas City.

Who Will You Choose As Your Design And Build Partner?

There are a lot of bath contractors in Kansas City. But choosing the right contractor for the job is no small decision – after all, a part of your home, the place where all of your memories are kept, will be gutted and redone!

You need someone you can trust. You need a design partner who sees your idea for a bathroom and shower room design and only adds value to that idea. 

A bath contractor who you can trust to take this on is no more than a phone call away. 

So now that you’re ready to realize the bathroom of your dreams, contact or call us at (913) 308-0111 to get started today!

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