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Most bathroom remodeling projects involve do-it-yourselfers stumbling through internet tutorials. For most, this means getting a pre-fabricated shower pan from the local store and doing your best to fit the current space. If you’re about to do some remodeling, talking to a contractor about having a custom-built shower can actually make more sense. Here are the top three reasons that homeowners are getting custom showers in Kansas City.

    1.Increase the Value of Your Home

The bathroomis the money room of your home. When a prospective buyer walks into a bathroom, they’re expecting a bright, modern look with all the amenities. If they see a bathroom from the 70s, they start mentally adding money to their remodel cost—and subtracting it from their bid. A custom shower impresses buyers. If anything, it might cause them to decide they need to up their bid.

    2.Create a Unique Look for Your Shower

Custom showers in Kansas City are turning toward the large, walk-in style. If you’re looking to create that shower paradise, good luck finding the pieces at a home improvement store. Having a contractor build your shower allows you to choose the exact size and shape of your shower. Options such as seating, multiple showerheads or a complete wet room are on the table if you’re getting a custom shower.

    3.Give Your Bathroom a Focal Point

The shower can end up as an afterthought when you’re looking at tiles, paint colors, and sinks. Even in a small bathroom, however, the shower is often the most dominant feature. Whether you want clear shower walls for an open concept, a striking tile design or an exotic circular shower, going custom is the best way to get it.

What’s the point of a remodel if you’re not getting exactly what you wanted? If you’re interested in creating custom showers in Kansas City, talk to a contractor about bringing your vision to life.