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The Latest Bathroom Tile Trend In Kansas City: It’s All About Choice.

As the top bathroom remodeler in Kansas City, we know the latest trends in bathroom tile.

What we’ve noticed lately is that there are not one or two specific “trendy” styles of tile. Instead, the real trend is the variety of tiles available, and how homeowners are taking advantage of that to make unique choices to suit themselves.

The Patterns, Colors, And Textures Of Tile

To give you an idea of just how many options there are, here’s a partial list of choices in pattern, color and textures of the latest bathroom tiles:

Subway – Here’s a tile choice that is simple yet stylish. The number of size options in subway style tiles continues to expand. In particular, longer and narrower shaped tiles have grown more popular.

Varied Pattern – There’s no law that says every tile must have the exact same pattern in a bathroom. Tile manufacturers have come up with lots of solutions to create more variety, including paisley patterns. If you want variety, but not too much, consider going with a checkerboard style.

Earthy Colors – Muted colors have become popular with homeowners. Earthy browns and subtle grays give an appearance of calm and understated elegance to your remodel.

Splashy Colors Mixed With Muted – Here’s a twist on the above suggestion: add some splashy colors into the overall muted color pattern. This can create a nice contrast that is pleasing to the eye and makes your remodel unique.

Wood Grain – The wood grain look has been popular in bathroom tile for some time, and it shows no signs of slowing. It gives a clean, classic look to your new bathroom.

That’s just a sample of what’s available; the list of available bathroom tile patterns and styles is almost endless. To get more specific advice, Contact Us. We give Kansas City homeowners a free one-on-one consultation and quote for bathroom remodeling projects.

How To Get Unconfused About Bathroom Tile

Of course, lots of choices always has a flip side: it can drive homeowners crazy trying to sort through all the options for materials, patterns, colors and more.

That’s when bringing in true experts who can educate you and make smart recommendations become a big asset. At Jericho Home Improvement, we are one of the biggest and the best bathroom remodelers in the country, and we have a team of professionals who can help you sift through your tile choices.

Here’s something else we do that most bathroom remodelers in Kansas City don’t: we include a professional designer as part of your project. The designer will help you navigate all the different options available to you, including tile choices.

For a free consultation on your project, Contact Us.

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