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What You Need To Know About The Kitchen
Remodeling Process In Shawnee, KS

Learn Every Step That Goes Into Kitchen
Remodeling With This Easy Guide

When considering a new kitchen remodeling project in Shawnee, KS, there are many things you might be wondering about. The first question many people ask is: “What is the kitchen remodeling process like?”

While the answer can vary depending on many factors, most kitchen remodeling projects follow a few simple steps.

There’s the pre-project planning, which involves gathering inspiration for everything you want to be done to your kitchen. You’ll also want to create a budget to help you realistically achieve everything you want to accomplish.

Once you have a general idea and outline, calling a reputable contractor like Jericho Home Improvements is the next step. We’ll help you flesh out all of the details of your project before ever beginning work.

We’ll discuss your plans, budget, and everything you can expect from our process. Finally, once we fully understand everything, our work can begin.

1. What To Do Before Starting A
Kitchen Remodeling Project

If you’ve been wanting to remodel your kitchen, there are a few things to do before calling a contractor. First, you’ll want to ask yourself: “What do I like, and what do I want to change about my kitchen?”

You might want just a few small changes, like new cabinetry, or you may want a complete kitchen overhaul. Either way, finding inspiration for your upcoming remodeling project is essential.

You’ll also want to plan out a realistic budget. Luckily, we have exceptional 18-month interest-free financing options available to help make the budgeting process easier.

2. Consult A Kitchen Remodeling Contractor
To Work Out The Finer Details

Once you’ve got a rough outline and budget, there is much more to do. You’ll want to find a reputable kitchen remodeling contractor to work with.

While you might speak with many who promise the lowest prices, few can match the quality of Jericho Home Improvements.

Our team will communicate closely with you and create a kitchen design you’ll love. When you meet with us, we’ll be able to discuss the finer details of your project through our professional design consultation.

We’ll help you decide on the best course of action for your remodeling project. We’ll speak with you about the budget, create a timeline for your remodel, finalize all of your plans, and order all of the necessary materials to begin your project.

3. Work On Your Shawnee, KS
Kitchen Can Finally Begin

Now that all of the details for your kitchen remodeling project are accounted for, the work can finally begin. Typically, the first thing that happens during a kitchen remodel is the demolition phase.

Our team will remove any necessary flooring, countertops, cabinetry, and walls. Once we’ve removed everything safely, we’ll work towards creating your new dream kitchen.

We’ll install everything from new cabinetry and lighting to flooring and plumbing fixtures. This is the phase of remodeling where your plans will really start to take shape. Our expert installers will work meticulously to ensure everything is installed beautifully.

But you might be wondering: “How long will all of this take?” While our team works quickly to finish your project in a timely manner, your timeline may change depending on a few factors.

But rest assured that you’ll never be left in the dark. Routine updates and clear communication are all expected from Jericho Home Improvements.

4. We’ll Put The Finishing Touches On
Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Once all the work is complete, our team will do one final walkthrough with you. Here, we’ll discuss any further work you would like to be done.

We’ll put all of the finishing touches on your project and ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your newly remodeled Shawnee, KS kitchen.

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When considering a new kitchen remodeling project in Shawnee, KS, there are many things to keep in mind. You’ll want to work with a trusted team to ensure that your home is in good hands. And there’s no better team than Jericho Home Improvements.

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