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Universal design is a term that you may or may not already be familiar with. The concept behind universal design is that you create a home that is suitable for all ages to live in. From the very young to the very old and every age in between, the universally designed home is meant to be a comfortable and functional space for anyone.

There is a difference in a home being remodeled for aging homeowners and a home designed with anyone in mind. The features of a universally designed home should be seamlessly integrated into the design of the home so that they are just thought of as nice elements and not added conveniences.

The benefits of this type of remodel over a remodel specifically targeted at aging homeowners are many. You can begin this type of remodel at any time in life and it will add value to your home and your life. The features incorporated in the universal design make your home a practical, user-friendly environment without obvious elements. They are also considered a huge asset if you should ever sell your home. The design features will appeal to families with children, those with mobility issues or disabilities, the elderly, and can even be considered a good home for multi-generational living.

There are many features that can be added during your remodel and you don’t have to add them all at once. Talking to qualified remodeling contractors about which features you would like to include in your home in Lawrence, MO, can help you decide which features will work well with your particular home layout.


Accessibility is one key element of a home built for all ages. Ideally, the home would be one level but even multi-level homes can be remodeled to be much more usable for all ages. At least one, step-free entrance should be added to allow for easy access into your home. Installing a wide ramp will enable anyone to maneuver their way to the entrance.

Ease of Use

The focus on ease of use is a common theme throughout the home. Slide out shelving in the kitchen and a walk-in pantry can alleviate the need for reaching, bending, and searching for items in the kitchen. All outlets should be at an easy-to-reach level; not too high and not too low. Lever-style door handles on all of the doors in the home make them simple and effortless to open.

Multi-Level Features

Installing multi-heights of different features in your home allow for more options and a variety of users. Multi-levels of countertops in the kitchen and bathroom are convenient for taller, shorter, or limited mobility homeowners and their guests. They are even wheelchair accessible. Multi-level sinks in the bathroom are also a great idea.


Custom showers or walk-in tubs in homes in Lawrence, MO, are considered a feature that any homeowner would love. Installing grab bars and lever hardware make your bathroom luxurious, practical, and can be tied in to look like a complementary design element.


Simple, easy-to-clean surfaces are the goal for the entire home. Choose flooring that is easy to roll across and as effortless as possible to clean. Stone countertops such as quartz or granite are maintenance-free and easy to clean, too.

A Home For All Ages

Jericho Home Improvements can remodel your home into a place that suits all ages. It can be functional and beautiful. Our expert remodeling contractors install custom kitchens and bathrooms in the Lawrence, MO area. We’d be glad to answer your questions about a universal design for your home. Give us a call today.