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Use Financing To Keep Your Buying Power
From Fading Away As Inflation Rages On

When Each Passing Day Sees Your Dollar Purchasing
Less And Less – Saving Up Stops Making Sense

It seems like you can’t take three steps through Kansas City without seeing or hearing the word inflation at least once – and for good reason. Every trip to the grocery store or gas station seems more painful than the last, and each energy bill has become a slap in the face.

While saving your money for a future project may seem like common sense, what will that money be worth by the time you finally reach your goal? And even worse, how much will that project cost by then?

As things stand today, you may never be able to pile up enough dollars to see your dream come true – but there’s still hope.

Take Advantage Of NOW!

Right now, your dollar is worth more than it ever will again. While that’s always been true, the pace at which your money’s value is dwindling is unprecedented. You can focus on the fear this reality produces, or you can take advantage of these strange times.

Currently, inflation is outpacing interest rates by more than two-to-one.

And yes, that’s a terrifying truth, but it’s also a giant sign telling you to buy now – right now!

If you have a vision for a new bathroom or kitchen remodel, want a professional experience, and have the cash on hand, this is the best time to act. You’ll never see a better price for your project than the one you’ll receive today.

And if you need to finance your project – welcome to bizarro land, where financing is cheaper than saving up and waiting is less prudent than acting.

A Simple Matter Of Numbers

With inflation jumping by double digits month to month, even the least friendly remodeling loan is going to look good – and we don’t do unfriendly loans.

When you finance your remodeling project through our partners, the buying power of your money is locked in at today’s level. Even if you select a low-interest longer-term loan over our zero-interest short-term loans, you’ll be way ahead of the game when the loan is paid off.

Between supply issues and materials costs, that remodel you have in mind today will be will be 30% higher  in under five years. At the same time, today’s ten grand will be worth maybe seven or even less, especially if you want quality materials.

But when you finance your dream bathroom or chef’s kitchen today, none of that matters because you’ve already gotten the most out of your money. Years down the line, it will just mean that you bumped the heck out of your home’s value and did it on the cheap!

A Fast And Friendly Process

When you’re ready for your next home remodeling project and prefer to get it done through financing, you don’t need to worry about entering a stressful process.

Our financing experts will take your information and search for the financing plan that works best for you – one that fits your goals and your monthly budget, too.

Unlike most bathroom and kitchen remodeling companies, we don’t use financing as a means to trick you into a project you can’t afford. To us, it’s merely a way to get you what you need when you need it at as fair a price as possible.

Then we follow through with the best remodeling experience you’ll ever know, installed by truly kind master craftsmen, and back it up with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Stop Waiting For The Right Moment – It’s Here!

If you dream of creating your ultimate bathroom spa or spacious, well-designed kitchen for your Kansas City area home, contact us at Jericho Home Improvements to discuss your financing options.