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More and more homeowners are updating their bathrooms to luxurious and relaxing spaces. Creating an oasis in your home where you can unwind after a long day can alleviate stress and make life more enjoyable. This is especially true if your current bathroom is just not as functional as you would like it to be.

Creating your happy place can include such upgrades as massaging jetted tubs, stone tile, and heated floors. Custom showers, walk-in tubs, and special lighting in Lawrence, MO are all popular bathroom upgrades but there is one dilemma that repeated comes up: whether a walk-in shower or luxury tub is the right choice for them.

With both of these ideas being such alluring options, it can be a difficult decision. Either, or even both, may be a great choice for you. Let’s explore what remodeling contractors in Lawrence, MO are often told was the deciding factor in the debate between the walk-in shower and the luxury tub.

Who will be using it?

Unless you are planning to sell your home anytime soon, you are likely creating your bathroom oasis for yourself. In this case, you need to look at the advantages of the walk-in shower and luxury tub themselves.

Bathtubs are great for soaking in and relaxing. They can help with soreness and aches and are an excellent idea if you have small children. They are available in many styles with lots of lavish features.

Walk-in showers are ideal for busy people because they’re quick and convenient. They are often the best option for elderly or disabled people. They can still offer luxury, as well, with rain shower heads, jets, and steam options.

Free Up Space

If your bathroom is a tad small, remodeling contractors in Lawrence, MO can advise you as to what the best use of your space is. Although large and luxurious walk-in showers are more popular, smaller, custom-built options can be just as comfortable and beautiful. If your space is best suited for a luxury bathtub, free-standing tubs are perfect for small spaces and add to the open feeling.

Resale Value

If you are, however, planning on selling your home, this could have some weight on your decision. First, you should know that either option is considered a huge asset and selling point to a home and potential buyers will love it. If you live in a neighborhood where you are likely to attract buyers who have families with children, they might want to have a bathtub option. If there is another bathroom in your home with a bathtub, this will not likely be an issue and whichever option you prefer will add value to your home.

If you live in a neighborhood where you are more likely to attract elderly couples as potential buyers, custom showers might be your best bet for your home in Lawrence, MO. There is a chance that if you choose an experienced and knowledgeable contractor, they will be able to design your space wisely and you could get the best of both worlds.

Best of Both Worlds

At Jericho Home Improvement, we install complete, custom bathrooms. Whether you decide on a walk-in shower, luxury tub, or several other bathroom options, we can give you the bathroom oasis of your dreams. We offer tub to shower conversions and even handicap-accessible “walk-in” tubs and we guarantee you’ll love the results. Give us a call or fill out our online form today for your free consultation.