people November 4, 2011 5:27 pm Published by

There you are.

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, and you stretch and smile at the possibilities of the day.

You climb out of bed, still clinging to dreams, as your craving for coffee increases. So you walk towards the kitchen to start the pot and the BAM!

Instantly you are shocked and rattled! Your toes begin to go numb and little icicles form between them. The morning that began so pleasantly is ruined!

Well, Jericho can help.

Partnering with technology from Warmly Yours, we take that icy floor and add some warmth to it. A heated tile system can be placed benearth any new tile floor, be it in your bathroom, or kitchen.

Brilliant engineering meets Kansas City’s top notch remodeler. Mornings should be looking up for you now… especially with winter fast approaching! Are you going to let another winter nip at your heels?

Give us a call… we got your back.