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We Never Treat Your Calls Like A
Trade On The Stock Exchange

Our Receiving Hours Are When
You Need Us – Not Only 9 To 5

Ding ding ding! That’s the sound of the opening and closing bells on Wall Street – open from 9:30am to 4pm Eastern Standard Time sharp. No exceptions and absolutely no trades before or after the bell rings.

But these strict cutoffs aren’t only for the stock market.

You see, many businesses and “customer service” call centers are on the same timetable as the stock market regarding your calls. They only pick up strictly during business hours – at best. So if you’re one minute too late, too bad. Your call will be left unanswered!

Unfortunately, many Kansas City kitchen and bath contractors can be no different.

If you work a 9 to 5 without a moment to spare – discussing your important kitchen and bathroom remodel plans with your contractor can be next to impossible.

And worse, even if you do happen to get through, these contractors might put you on hold for twenty minutes…thirty minutes… or for who knows how long? You simply do not have the time, nor should you have to make the time for that.

But unlike your standard Kansas City remodeling company, who might reject your call or put you on hold longer than an airport security line – we respect your time.

We’re available for your calls as much as possible. And if we’re not there when you call, we actually use our voicemail as it’s intended to be used – to call you back!

We Break The Rules And
Go Beyond The 9 To 5

We don’t mean to sound like the goody two shoes of call availability, but we kind of… are.

The Wall Street hours, “normal” business hours, whatever you want to call them, are not our hard-and-fast guide. Because in the kitchen and bath remodeling world, time-sensitive issues don’t stop when the banks close.

Whether it’s a pressing plumbing issue or your need to have your remodel done before the holidays or a family visit – we get it. Sometimes you just need to get the ball rolling on your kitchen or bathroom design.

And believe us when we say we, too, want you to experience our Master Craftsmen treatment ASAP as well.

So that’s why we’re sure to not only be available during the classic 9 to 5 but also:

  • Make sure to open up our lines bright and early at 8am.
  • Refuse to close our lines before 8pm.
  • Have the owner himself available to pick up from time to time!
  • Are “at the ready” to call you back on the off chance we do miss your call.

And when we receive a voicemail from you, it’s not just any voicemail – it’s also delivered directly to our mobile phones as an email.


It’s Impossible For Us To Miss Your Voicemail

In 2023 and beyond, it’s fair to say we’re all hyper-connected as a society. But even with this hyper-connectivity, isn’t it shocking how many Kansas City contractors still fail to return your calls?

You know how it goes. The first call might have been successful, so you’re all scheduled and ready to take your remodeling project to the next step.

But when you contact your chosen kitchen or bath remodeler with, say, a question or concern in the form of a voicemail – they may never get back to you (really).

Frustrating (to say the least).

Could this be attributed to poor communication skills and just plain laziness? Yep.

But it can also result from poor organization and a clunky communications process. Especially when it comes to returning calls and emails.

So here’s what we do about it.

Every time you leave a voicemail, it’s emailed to us and synced across all our devices. It’s a simple thing we do that keeps us on track and allows us to return all calls we receive promptly.

So when you call Jericho Home Improvements, you can rest assured that the odds of having someone pick up the phone will be in your favor. And in the off chance we miss your call, you can be sure we will most certainly get your voicemail and call you back without delay.

Call Us With Confidence

If you’re ready for a streamlined Kansas City kitchen and bathroom remodel done by a superb contractor who stays in constant contact, contact Jericho Home Improvements for a free quote today!