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At Jericho, We Get Your KC Home Remodel
Right – So You Don’t Get Wronged

Our Kansas City Home Visits
Cover All The Bases

Whether you’re talking to your partner, your boss, or your therapist, it’s nice to know you’re being heard. And guess what? This should apply to Kansas City kitchen and bath remodeling consultations too!

However, as you may have noticed, it’s not uncommon for contractors to pay you a visit just to talk over you – they’re usually more concerned with the sale and not with what you need.

When your remodeling requests and ideas get ignored, chances are, your project will turn out disappointing. As in, you might ask for a unicorn, but get a donkey instead.

At Jericho Home Improvements, we use a different tactic – we listen and absorb what you want. Instead of just barging in and taking over, we take the time to sit down with you and understand what your desires are.

For us, getting your kitchen remodel right is far more important than bagging the sale!

Mic-Check: We’re All Ears And We
Hear You Loud And Clear

Communication works both ways in the kitchen renovation business. While most homeowners are used to hearing the sales pitch, few expect to actually be listened to. However, listening is essential when designing and planning a project.

But some remodeling companies don’t bother to listen to you. They’re known for rushing through their estimates and barely stopping to hear what their client wants. This leads to inaccurate bids, lackluster results, and frustrated customers.


We hear you at Jericho – everyone from our Project Managers to our designers listens when they pay you a home visit, so we can give you the jaw-dropping remodel you asked for.

Getting a better feel for your style, budget, and expectations prevent misunderstandings from happening. This careful approach saves us both a lot of time, money, and energy.

Plus, when we listen intently and learn about you, we’re better able to show you appropriate options that won’t inflate our initial bid and are more in-tune with your expectations.

We’ve Made Our Mark In Kansas City,
And We’re Here To Stay

The mark of a reputable, established, and certified bath company is priceless! Finding a stable and rooted one seems almost impossible in an industry where businesses come and go faster than the roadrunner.

A proven bath renovator promotes a sense of reliability and comfort to you. And when they’ve been around, are certifiably qualified, and have found continued success in their competitive field, you’re more likely to feel confident in your decision.

Though not required by the state of Kansas, some Kansas City contractors fail to even get properly licensed through their local city authority. But without a proper license and proof of insurance, there’s no telling what you’ll get.

Though many sales pitches avoid mentioning these crucial factors, as a homeowner, you’re susceptible to lawsuits and liability without these elements.

We want our customers to feel confident in their choice to work with us. We have nothing to hide, so, along with our bid, we present our license and insurance information.

You don’t even need to ask!

We also go over our company background to give our customers all the knowledge they need to make an informed decision. We’ve been here 14 years and have no plans to go anywhere!

Our Designers Are Here
To Support You

Gaslighting. Manipulation. Deception.

All intriguing components to a crime novel, but not what you want from your bath remodeling designer. Great designers don’t just rehash their rehearsed speeches, throw a quote out, and go.

Great designers listen first and gather information about you. From there, they can assess your goals and then present the options they have available for you.

It’s all about being adaptable and accommodating

All too often, salespeople in the bath remodeling business bring bad selling habits from other industries and fail to evolve with the changing times.

At Jericho, we love designers with industry experience, but we prefer it NOT to be in sales. We’ve found those without prior sales experience more willing to learn our way without bringing the baggage of past poor salesmanship.

Our designers are eager to represent Jericho and driven to provide you with superior respect and care.

It’s Easy For Kansas City Customers To Feel Seen
And Heard When Working With Jericho

While other Kansas City kitchen renovation companies are stuck using the same high-pressure sales and sigh-inducing techniques from the stone age, we use proven methods that put our customers first.

How refreshing is it to have a friendly sales representative come to your home, sit with you, listen to all your thoughts, and then come up with the best options tailored to you?

Though it shouldn’t, it sounds revolutionary!

But when you have as much passion for the kitchen and bath remodeling business as Jericho does, it’s not hard to want the best for your customers.

When you’re ready for your next Kansas City kitchen or bathroom remodel, try a new way of doing business at Jericho Home Improvements. Contact us today for a free bath and kitchen remodel quote