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Transform Your Kitchen Or Bath With Affordable Payment Options

Unlike Many KC Area Contractors, We Make Financing Easy


Some homeowners come to us and have already figured out exactly how they want to pay for their kitchen or bath remodel. They have cash saved up or have arranged to use a home equity loan. That’s great, but there are many of our clients who want more options.

The good news is we have them. As the biggest and best kitchen and bathroom remodeling company in Kansas City, we have several financing partners who are happy to partner with a financially stable remodeling company like Jericho Home Improvements.

Why does that matter to you as one of our clients?

If you want affordable payment options, it means we’ll have more choices to offer. And that can be the difference in finding a monthly payment that you are comfortable with. There’s no need for extra budget stress!


No Home Appraisal Necessary 

Some of our clients choose to get a home equity loan through their bank or mortgage lender to pay for the remodel, and that can be a good way to finance a remodel. But some of our clients say they prefer financing with less red tape.

With our financing, the application is much simpler and faster than typical home equity loans. (And many equity loans require a home appraisal). 


Options, Options, And More Options…

We always want you to feel truly comfortable with your monthly payment. If a payment is higher than you like, we can look at extending the number of months to get it lower. We’ll work with the amount of money you’re comfortable putting down and show you how it can raise or lower your payment.

We have low interest plans; everything will be transparent about the terms.

Compare this to many other kitchen and bath remodeling contractors in Kansas City. There are some that are just a guy and his truck. These guys will not be able to help you with financing options.

There are also companies that are bigger, but make you feel like you’re asking for something extra and burdensome by asking about financing. They discourage it and offer very limited options.

We think differently. If we can help you get your dream kitchen or bathroom in a way that’s more budget friendly, we’re all for it.


Amazingly Fast & Easy

The application process is so simple and we can even get you approved on your very first appointment.

In some cases we can just scan your driver’s license or state ID and it can import your information into the application. Approval is usually lightning fast – it really couldn’t be easier.

The bottom line is this: if you are interested in financing choices, there’s no better kitchen and bath remodeling company to call in Kansas City than Jericho Home Improvements.


Next Step 

The best way to get started is to reach out to us for a free consultation and quote on your kitchen or bath remodeling project. We can also explore your financing options, so you’ll have the information you need to make a decision.

Get My Free Quote & Explore My Financing Options

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