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We Never Dodge The Tough Questions That Other Remodelers Are Scared To Answer

Doing A Kitchen Or Bathroom Remodel Right Means Honesty Is Always The Best Policy

Why do Kansas City contractors have such a hard time answering simple questions about your kitchen or bathroom remodel? They should be able to give you straightforward answers, right?

Well… it depends.

You would hope to get clear answers, but unfortunately, this often isn’t the case. While it may seem like they’re addressing your questions, they’ll avoid telling you the whole truth out of fear of losing the sale.

Whether it’s seedy salesman behavior or a genuine lack of experience, the end result is the same. You’re out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, with a poor design made with cheap materials that no design team or Project Manager even bothered double check.

But at Jericho Home Improvements, we avoid common remodeling obstacles before they ever happen – which starts with answering your tough questions with complete transparency.

We aim to give you the best kitchen or bathroom remodel by using our superior designs to solve any underlying structural issues and protect your home. We do this by installing top-quality materials to ensure longevity and reliability.

So when met with even the toughest questions – we’re not afraid to give these three honest answers to ensure your remodel will be done right.

1) Repairs Alone Won’t Always
Solve The Root Cause

We always do our best to offer an ideal solution that gets your kitchen or bath up and running and built to last for years. But that’s the catch – “years to come.”

Homeowners sometimes ask questions like, “Can you repair a couple of cracked tiles?” Or “Can you redo my bathroom floor’s grout?”

While many Kansas City contractors will leap on this opportunity to “get another job,” we recommend proceeding with caution. Patchwork can sometimes work. But by the time you consider the total amount of steps required – from tearing out old and worn material to installing matching colors and styles – the costs quickly add up.

Before you can reject the accumulating costs they never told you about during the “repair consultation,” your kitchen or bathroom is already halfway torn up!

But at Jericho, our goal is to help you create a fully functioning, structurally sound, and modern masterpiece of a kitchen or bathroom.

That’s why we’ll never avoid the tough job of telling our customers what they actually need – even if it’s more than just a repair.

Knowing the precise amount of work a bathroom or kitchen may need isn’t the only tough question we answer with honesty, though.

Safety is king when it comes to remodeling, even if that means modifying design concepts.

2) We Value Safety Over Sales And Avoid
Designs That Put You At Risk

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects have tight budgets and deadlines – no surprises there. But how your Kansas City contractor deals with these time constraints makes all the difference.

Some contractors take the easy route to speed up the process by cutting corners on expenses and approving all design concepts without double and triple checking them for integrity. They’ll agree to every design idea the customer has in an attempt to please them at all costs (which can be a good thing).

But not when it compromises your home’s structural integrity – putting you and your family at risk.

Imagine getting what you thought was the kitchen or bath remodel of your dreams, only to have a disastrous leak or structural issue later.

Whether it’s a support beam that can’t be moved or maintaining proper plumbing, we’re always prudent about implementing design concepts that don’t compromise your home.

We’ll admit it – it’s always challenging to inform customers that their original concept might not jive with their home’s layout or plumbing. But despite this, our exceptionally talented design will offer a solution that maintains beauty and aesthetics no matter the workaround.

This way, we maintain our “Jericho Way” standards for both quality and design.

3) We Don’t Lower Our Standards To Get The Sale

Cheaper isn’t always better for a kitchen and bathroom remodel – especially when it comes to the quality of the materials.

When receiving what you think is an excellent quote from a contractor, remember that the devil is in the details.

Do they install bathtubs with multiple acrylic layers surrounded by insulating foam? Or is it a cheap big-box store-brand bathtub that’s flimsy and caves easily under weight?

Do they sell heavy-duty 100% steel faucet systems that will last as long as your home will? Or is it made from cheaper and less durable plastic, doomed to fail after several years?

At Jericho, we will never lower our quote to match a competitor’s if it means sacrificing the material that is the backbone of any successful remodel.

So when it comes to answering the tough question of, “Why is your quote higher than this other remodeler,” we never avoid telling the truth – it’s because our quality in materials is far superior.

Your Tough Questions Await Honest Answers

If your kitchen or bathroom in Kansas City needs a fresh look built with a lifetime of quality and done by seasoned remodeling professionals, contact Jericho Home Improvements for a free quote today!